View Full Version : Tuan's National Parks Project article in View Camera

Doug Dolde
18-Sep-2003, 20:33
Congrats Tuan on getting your images published in View Camera. They are certainly magnificent and I have admired them on the web many times.

I was a bit surprised to see that your website http://www.terragalleria.com was not mentioned (although the article writer's website was).

Gem Singer
18-Sep-2003, 20:49
Upper left hand corner of page 62. Under Creative Resources. Tuan, you finally made it to the "big show". Congratulations!

19-Sep-2003, 00:14
Kudos Tuan...

Thanks for all your great pics! You're an inspiration to us all.


Dan Ingram
19-Sep-2003, 10:47
Wonderful images, especially the chilling shot from Gates of the Arctic N.P. It's discouraging that Tuan's name is misspelled on the cover of VC, but I guess you can't have everything. I'm especially enthused by Tuan's championing of the 5x7 format, a wonderful useful negative size that is in danger of slipping away. Thanks again, Tuan!

Paul Chaplo
20-Sep-2003, 12:00
Tuan, What breathtaking, evocative images! These go beyond equipment and technique into a connection with the land/environment/scene, and a vision that is non-formulaic. You have my utmost respect, and I know you are not afraid to climb a mountain (literally and metaphorically ;-) for "the shot." Keep up the great work!