View Full Version : Kodak Master View Reducing Back

Michael Kadillak
31-Dec-1997, 20:14
I have been looking for a 5 x 7 and/or a 4 x 5 reducing back for a Kodak 8 x 10 masterview of aluminum construction. Any suggestions on finding one other than k eeping my eye on Shutterbug ? Based upon the Master View's rather simplistic, bu t effective method of attachment of the film back using external pins, I was won dering if anyone has had another manufacturers reducing back modified for this a pplication ?


Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
17-Sep-1998, 22:55
Mr. Kadillak, I realize this is probably way too late to do you any good, but, w hen I purchased my Kodak Master View, the vender assured me that Kodak had not m ade a reducing back in 4 X 5. While that may be, it seems odd as the 8 x 10 bac k has the concentric format squares engraved on the ground glass. Michael A. Sm ith, a photographer based in Bunkerhill, PA has several Master Views, and his wi fe, Paula Chamlee shoots 4 X 5 with hers from time to time - you might see if th ey are on the net or see about getting their address from View Camera magazine a s he has written 2 articles for them within the last 2 years. It would be in th e creative sources index at the end of the magazine - or you could call View Cam era direct and maybe they'd read it to you over the phone. Ken Hough of Deardor ff repair fame assurred me he'd be able to modify a Deardorff reducing back to f it - just pull the retaining pins out, cut it down close to size and then sand i t down the rest of the way to assure a snug fit and re-install the pins. Again I know this is very late and you've probably solved your problem already but if you'd like to e-mail me I be interested to know what you did wind up doing. I b ought 1 Master View with a 5 X 7 back & 1 with an 8 X 10 back to use as parts an d have been very happy with them so far. Good Luck