View Full Version : Lens Shutter Sticking... a fix???

18-Oct-2011, 05:02
Hi all... I'm having a problem with the Hugo Meyer lens on my Century sticking when in T or B mode. The shutter works just fine otherwise and it does work on Time and Bulb as well, but it sometimes will stick and/or close slowly on those modes. I've taken it apart for cleaning and thought if anyone had this problem and was able to fix it maybe I would try it myself as well. Thank you.

18-Oct-2011, 06:30
It doesn't sound like you got it clean enough, or properly lubricated. Have you considered sending it out for a proper professional servicing?

E. von Hoegh
18-Oct-2011, 06:58
Your best bet is a proper clean and lube. Soaking it in solvent (lighter fluid, etc.) will at best postpone a CLA, and far more likely cause more problems in the long run.

To make any size mechanism function properly, it must be clean and properly lubricated. This entails at least a partial disassebly, cleaning, then reassembly lubricating as you go, with at least two different lubricants.

Soaking in solvent doesn't remove the dirt, just redistributes it, and does remove any lubricant that may be present. Carol Miller has a stellar reputation.

18-Oct-2011, 08:50
Second on Carol Miller at Flutotscamerarepair.com. She has one of my lenses/shutters right now....probably the ninth or tenth I've sent to her over the years and always with complete satisfaction. Very reasonable on price as well.

Darin Boville
18-Oct-2011, 08:56
>>Carol Miller at Flutotscamerarepair.com<<

Are they still doing the waiting list/two at a time thing?


18-Oct-2011, 10:18
It is best to ask Carol, Darin... that situation seems to change fast. I know Carol does great work for people, but there are plenty of other shutter service providers out there with stellar reputations. Some are more expensive; others are faster. There is no need to wait on a list unless that is really what one wants to do.

Steven Tribe
18-Oct-2011, 11:25
Perhaps this is a good time to decide to invest in a new (additional) lens+shutter for the Century?
What does the inscription on the lens rim say?
These were often sold with convertible lenses originally so the "advanced amateur" could play with bellows length and framing.