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17-Oct-2011, 16:52
I'm looking to get a wide lens for my new 8x10, but I don't know wich to get.
Can someone give me a tip about a sharp moderatly wide 210-240 lens that I should look for?
Any answer is much appreicated :)

17-Oct-2011, 17:18
For 8x10 I have three lenses:
Fujinon 250 f6.7
Fujinon 210 f5.6
Schneider SA 121 f8

The Fujis more than cover the 810 format and are very sharp.
The SA just barely covers the format as a super-wide.

MIke Sherck
17-Oct-2011, 17:27
I very much like my older Fuji 210mm f/5.6. The older one (with lettering around the glass,) has an image circle of 358mm and thus plenty of room for movements. It's sharp and contrasty and is one of my favorite 8x10 lenses. Newer versions (lettering around the outside of the lens,) are multicoated and superb lenses, but only just cover 8x10 at infinity.


John Kasaian
17-Oct-2011, 17:31
The Super Angulons are big and heavy. Beautiful lenses though. If had the money...oh well.
My favorite moderate wides are the 240 G Claron and the classic 10" WF Ektar. The speed and coverage of the WF Ektar is terrific and the size & light wieght of the G Claron make it a delight to use.
You really ought to get both.
Really ;)

John NYC
17-Oct-2011, 17:32
It is always best to search first. This question gets asked over and over.

For 210mm...


For 240mm there isn't a single thread that consolidated, but there is a lot of info if you just put in the terms 240mm and 8x10.

Plus, you can look at the home page at the two lists of lenses to see which have an image circle that covers.

Walter Calahan
17-Oct-2011, 19:38
I get a lot of bang for my buck with a Nikon 240 mm.

18-Oct-2011, 04:47
One of my favorite lenses on 8x10 is a 240mm Dagor. I just bought a 240/420 Symmar but have yet to shoot with it.

I also have a 210mm Dagor and 210mm Agfa Super-Intergon which cover (from experience) and a G-Claron (haven't used it yet and write-ups are mixed on coverage), but neither of which gets used often. I find the 240 to be wide enough for what I do.


18-Oct-2011, 14:09
thanks guys!
That's very helpful! :)