View Full Version : Sinar P 8x10 Bail Back - question

Robert Jonathan
16-Oct-2011, 21:30
I'm thinking of adding 8x10 functionality to my Sinar P system, and I've seen several used P-style 8x10 backs and format frames.

My only concern is how the Sinar P 8x10 groundglass back functions (how it opens and closes) compared to other 8x10 backs I've used, since I've never handled one.

For example, the Cambo 8x10 GG back is not exactly a "precision instrument." When you close the back, it appears to be completely closed, but it kind of hangs loose. I guess you could say it's "floppy" and I've even used tape to keep it completely closed.

On the other hand, the Toyo 8x10 back IS a precision instrument, and when it's closed, it's CLOSED.

So, regarding this Sinar back, shown here at glennview.com ( http://glennview.com/jpgs/sinar/p/810/backs/midvintage/big_2.jpg ) how exactly does it function? If it's as sloppy as the Cambo, then I'll just forget about it.

17-Oct-2011, 07:31
It is as good as a Sinar F 4x5 or a Wista SP 4x5. Thats all I have to compare to.


18-Oct-2011, 05:52
The Sinar P is a high end pro camera if it was not made to the highest standards then that would not be the case, of course the back is precise and well made unlike the cambo which is not .