View Full Version : Pyrocat-hd or 510-pyro for enlargement and Contact Printing

16-Oct-2011, 14:09

I have heard Pyrocat-HD is good for negatives for enlargement on VC paper as well as contact printing. What about 510-Pyro, does it have the same characteristic?

I have a hard time deciding on which of these two developers to use, and I don't want to do a lot of comparisons test. I use Jobo CPA2 with expert drum for sheet film.


Bob McCarthy
16-Oct-2011, 14:15
It possible you'll stir up a small storm with the question. As a user of many different formulas, now using a jobo and Pyrocat hd successfully, I would just say try it. It's not expensive.

I have to say 510 pyro might be fully the equivalent, I honestly don't know, but Pyrocat is excellent with a jobo.


Ken Lee
16-Oct-2011, 14:33
"...I don't want to do a lot of comparisons test"

Don't do a lot. Do a little :)

... then tell us what you discover.

Jay DeFehr
16-Oct-2011, 15:00
Either will do. I could argue about why I think 510-Pyro is better, but in the end, either will do.