View Full Version : Grafmatic 45 broken spring

Sirius Glass
16-Oct-2011, 07:27
On the Grafmatic 45 on the cover assembly 317731G2, the 31773 Spring - Drawer snapped next to the rivet. Can the be repaired by gluing with Super Glue or Gorilla Glue? Any idea where I can get replacement springs?


Greg Lockrey
16-Oct-2011, 07:32
Glue needs a porous substrate I doubt that it would stick. Banding strap might work in a pinch.

16-Oct-2011, 11:36
I looked in my Grafmatic spare parts box. Sorry I do not have one. Glue? Kidding correct? You really can't glue a spring. You replace it. Remember High School Metal shop? You solder metal, You weld it. You do not glue it. There are others on the forum who have parts. Try Columbus Camera Group.

Ivan J. Eberle
16-Oct-2011, 12:49
Bear in mind that these Grafmatics cost all of about $15-25 when new, despite what noses some may be willing to pay through these days to get pristine, straight, smooth working ones. They were cheaply made by the millions, and not particularly made to last forever (though some nearly have. They're all 40-60 years old, maybe older?).

For a case of a Grafmatic with a broken, riveted spring, you probably replace the case with another-- unless you have some special skill at riveting in miniature, that is.
I bought and returned one awhile ago from someone who runs a website with an oft viewed Grafmatic tutorial-- someone who obviously did not possess the requisite riveting expertise.