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15-Oct-2011, 14:05
I see that the super angulons have a T setting to hold the shutter open for focusing but my older one does not...any way to focus without manually holding the shutter open on B setting? I need that hand for focusing!

Kerry L. Thalmann
15-Oct-2011, 14:33
What shutter is your Angulon in? They came in several different types (various Compurs, Prontor Press, Copal, etc.) over the years. The most common is the Synchro Compur. On those, there is a little round silver disk that holds the shutter open for composing/focusing. To use it, cock the shutter, push the disk back (toward the lens board) and hold it there while you fire the shutter. It will catch the shutter cocking lever and hold the shutter open while you compose and focus. You will then need to re-cock the shutter to make your exposure.

If you shutter lacks this feature, you can always set it to "B" and use a locking cable release to hold the shutter open.


15-Oct-2011, 16:00
It is in a synchro-compur, and it does have the silver disk, but regardless of the disk position it doesn't stop the cocking lever from releasing all the way at B (or any other speed). I can see that it's trying to move a small arm in the way of the cocking lever, but it doesn't succeed. I suppose it may be broken but there is no visual evidence of that; it looks as if the locking cable release will have to do..

15-Oct-2011, 16:33
There was obviously more than one version of the synchro compur shutter.

I currently have a 90/6.8 in synchro compur... no T setting, but there is a small knob/button/whatever-u-call-it on the side of the shutter [very close to the spot where the selected speed shows on the front face] which you push backwards as you fire the shutter. The caveat is that it doesn't lock the mechanism till the end of the firing cycle so if you let go too early on a slow speed the shutter closes as normal.

I previously had a 90/6.8 in a shutter that had no lock-open mechanism and and the only option was to use the lock on a cable release with the B setting.

Michael E
16-Oct-2011, 10:43
Mine is in a Prontor SVS - no locking mechanism, no T setting, no cable release socket. I use a rubber band to keep the lens open in B and release the shutter with my bare hand. Well, the lens was cheap and I don't use the focal length a lot. Still, if anybody has any tricks to offer, I would really appreciate it.


16-Oct-2011, 12:05
I can see that it's trying to move a small arm in the way of the cocking lever, but it doesn't succeed.

I think that is the self-timer/delay setting.

Jim Graves
16-Oct-2011, 20:20
Try this link: Link (http://www.skgrimes.com/library/used-obsolete-discontinued-shutters/compur/operation-of-compur-1-shutters)

17-Oct-2011, 10:46
On some of my shutters the shutter needs to be cocked (but not released) for the focus latch to work. If it won't work try a locking cable release. It's a cheap solution and you'll be glad you have one if you ever shoot long exposure stuff.