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14-Oct-2011, 19:21
I own a very nice example of Kodak 2D 8x10", which came complete: rear extension rail and no missing hardware bits.
As a bonus, the camera came with a Packard No.8 shutter (two pistons), the original case, and a 12" Dagor (Goerz Am, in Compound).
Unfortunately the camera was kept for some time in a cellar, or a similar place, so the bellows got seriously damaged. The leather covering is cut along the creases, especially in the front side, close to the front standard.
Under the leather covering, the (black) material does not seem very damaged.
Probably there are a few pinholes in the corners, but i couldn't see any, because:
1) my flashlight was not very powerful
2) the bellows was so dry and stiff that i couldn't push myself to extend it past a certain point (probably about half the max extension, maybe even less).
I tried to grease the leather. A very difficult task, because in some places the leather was flaking... so i gave up to avoid further damage.
I choose to use liquid tape instead. I mixed a little liquid tape, some black and some red, and did a very light repair along the bigger cuts, and at the corners that had the most damage. I did it very sparingly, 90% of the work was done with a toothpick.

I have used the camera a few times after that, and every time i placed a black cloth over the bellows, to avoid light leaks. I had very little 8x10" film, and i didn't want to take the chance. A little awkward, though the negs came out without any problem.
Not unbearable... but the camera is so nice, and the bellows so terrible!

Recently i found another 2D, a "project" camera, missing rear rail and a few hardware parts. The good news: the bellows are in almost perfect condition. A perfect donor for my camera!
Unfortunately i can't simply replace the front and back standards, with attached bellows, because the "project" camera has problems with front rise/fall hardware.
The rack and pinions are somewhat loose, and it's "missing" one dent every now and then, even without the weight of an installed lens.
I am afraid that the only viable solution would be a surgery transplant :D
What is scaring me is the removal/re-application of the many small tacks that are used to fix the bellows to the rear standard.
I don't have the two cameras here, so i can't check how the front of the bellows is made. When i looked there was not too much light, and the Packard was in the way. I think i remember having read that the bellows is glued to a small wooden frame, that in turn is screwed to the inside of the front standard. Am i right?
If i am not wrong, any special advice to help me in removing the bellows without causing any damage?
This solution would be perfect for my problem: i would remove the back standard with attached bellows from the project camera, and fit it to my old 2D.
The front standard of my camera would remain the same (which is perfect), and the back standard would donate the missing hardware to the new one, coming from the incomplete camera. I think it would be safer to keep the "project" standard together with its back, base, etc. etc. to avoid problem with tolerances.

The two cameras look almost identical. The only (slight) difference seems to be the material of the bellows.
Which different type of bellows were used during the long lifespan of the 2D?
Any informations about serial # vs year of production?
It would be interesting, i'll take note of the two serials as soon as i get back to where i have the cameras.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

have fun


Jon Shiu
14-Oct-2011, 20:02
You are correct that the front bellows frame is fastened with screws to the front standard from inside.