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Sal Santamaura
17-Sep-2003, 12:18
After ten days, Fuji finally responded to a question I sent through its Web site. Here's what I asked:

"I have owned a QuickLoad holder since shortly after you introduced them. Early use was with transparency films (the only kind you offered in QuickLoad packets then), but I have recently begun to shoot Acros and NPS in this holder. I never noticed with transparencies, but the holder exposes images significantly off center, shifted toward the notch end. My attention was drawn to this by the extra hole you put in negative films; it's completely -- and significantly -- inside the picture area. My question is, do all QuickLoad holders perform this way? Or is mine in need of adjustment? Or has there been a design change to 'correct' the offset since my early holder was produced? Thanks in advance for your reply and assistance."

Fuji's email reply said 'Sorry you're having problems, please call this number, then select option 1." I did; after an interminable period of waiting, a human finally answered and transferred me to "Pro Tech Support." The person there, upon hearing verbally what was written above, said:

"No other such complaints have been received"

"It's probably just the nature of the item"

"If you send it in we'll quote around $75 - $90 to 'repair' it"

"You may be better off just buying a new one"

So, assembled QuickLoad holder users, please let me know how yours center images on film. Is there a very narrow margin on the notch end, with a correspondingly large margin at the opposite end? What version(s) do you own, and when did you purchase them? Any difference in this regard between early and late production/versions? Enquiring alleged mind wants to know. Thanks in advance.

Guy Tal
17-Sep-2003, 12:27
I never really noticed my images being off center. I bought the holder new just over 2 years ago.
As for the hole in the corner of Acros - don't get me started! I am about to finish my first and last pack of it, then I'm going back to loading my own holders. What were they thinking, anyway?

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Sal Santamaura
17-Sep-2003, 13:07
Guy, the hole exists on all Fuji 4x5 Acros and NPS, QuickLoad or otherwise. Going back to loading your own holders with sheets of Acros (available from Badger and The View Camera Store) won't eliminate the hole. You'll need to use a different film too.

I've put some Acros in Fidelity and Toyo holders. While the hole is still within the image area, it's right in the corner. With my QuickLoad holder's off-center positioning, the hole gets driven even further into images. Another annoyance is that there's not much margin on the narrow-bordered edge for a glassless holder to 'bite' on, causing the negative to slip off that side.

Ralph Barker
17-Sep-2003, 13:33
FWIW, Sal, I just compared a bunch of QuickLoad images done on both Acros and NPS in a Fuji holder I bought about a year ago. I'm getting a fairly consistent border of about 2.5mm at the far end, just slightly larger than the side borders. The exposed area with my Fuji holder extends beyond the hole and the notches. With my Fidelity and RiteWay holders, I get only 1mm or so at the far end, and about 3mm at the notch end. The total image, however, measures 120mm in both cases.

Steve Lewis
17-Sep-2003, 14:17
Hi Sal

I've never noticed any problem on mine, bought two years ago. I use Provia and the rebate at the notch end is slightly narrower on some sheets than on others, but this may be due to the film shifting in the holder slightly as I pull the cover out. The image area is not close enough to the notches to cause a problem in any way. HTH



Brian Kennedy
17-Sep-2003, 14:36
Guy - "... don't get me started! I am about to finish my first and last pack of it, then I'm going back to loading my own holders. What were they thinking, anyway?"

I feel bad, because I know I was one of those who encouraged you to try Acros, but I never mentioned the little hole. Sorry! I don't think about it much because I find it only a minor annoyance. I scan my negatives, and I've always been able to clone over it like a big piece of dust. I really like the film itself.

As for the original question, with my QLs, the margin near the notch is a little thinner than that on the other side of the film. The notch itself nearly cuts into the image area, but not quite.

Matt Miller
17-Sep-2003, 20:16
I've just recently started using Acros & really like it. That little hole is annoying, but if I remember at exposure time, I adjust for it.

What's the hole for anyway?

Sal Santamaura
17-Sep-2003, 20:22
Apparently it's to permit drying on a hook instead of using a clip or clothespin.

18-Sep-2003, 09:39
Could someone post a picture of what you're talking about? Than ks

Sal Santamaura
18-Sep-2003, 10:19
Not me. Anyone else with a Fuji 4x5 negative have a scanner?

Ralph Barker
18-Sep-2003, 19:58
You can see the hole here, next to the notches:


thomas gage
22-Sep-2003, 19:22
...after being annoyed by that hole up in the corrner of my 4x5 fuji nps "quickload" exposures, i decided to mask the edge of my ground glass with black tape about 3/16th of an inch all arround so that my composed photo would always be hole free and available to be printed in it's entirety...i hope this helps, good luck!...tg.

1-Feb-2005, 19:58
Were you using, by any chance, a Holga?