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17-Sep-2003, 10:21
There was some talk about 8x10 P/N being tested on the other LF forum. I was wondering if anyone has heard any more about this? I would absolutely love to see this product come to market. Maybe we can start a letter writing campaign. With two little kids, anything that can cut down the time spent processing film will increase my limited time for making prints. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd benefit.

Great to be back,

Bill Jefferson
17-Sep-2003, 10:51
Hi Jeff, The feasibility test was done, and it came out great. The cost analysis showed that it was high enough, not to persue this further.

I'm disapointed as well.

Bill Jefferson Sr. Eval. Tech. Polaroid Corp.

Ralph Barker
17-Sep-2003, 13:11
Bill - while somewhat OT, I must say I'm impressed, and pleased, that Polaroid is monitoring this forum. Obviously, many of us use your LF products, so it's encouraging to see that the company cares about this market segment, unlike the impression left by some other large photo firms.

17-Sep-2003, 13:22
Please excuse this interuption from a professional lurker ;-)

But, I just had to add my comment about this. I shoot Type 55 almost exclusively in 4x5 and love it. I would do almost anything for a Type "855" for my 8x10. Not that votes count on this subject...

But I understand cost problems. I also shoot 8x10 polaroids, but more as a luxury or 'conversation piece', or plain curiosity. It's just too expensive at more than 8.50 per shot. Yes, I understand it's 4 times the square inches of 4x5, but still money is money and 8.50 a shot is too much. I would buy a Type 855 but probably only once to see it. So what I would love even more would be for these prices to come down. Surley less expensive packaging could be accomplished and whatever else it would take... Just another comment...

back to lurking ;-0

tim atherton
17-Sep-2003, 13:45
Rich - shooting a sheet of 8x10 colour costs you in the region of say $10.00 - $12.00 for film and processing (and then you have to print it one way or another).

So the relative cost of polaroid colour materials isn't that great surely?

17-Sep-2003, 13:51

I agree with Tim. I would gladly pay $8.50 for a print and a negative (I'm aware that most folks expose differently for print and neg, I've found I can get reasonable negs with only slightly light prints using 665, this may not translate to 4x5 or 8x10).

I would also like to thank Bill for his reply. And please, keep bringing it up in meetings, I think many of us are interested.

17-Sep-2003, 14:01
I would suppose you're right about the cost of 8x10 color, but I wouldn't know? I only shoot B&W in 4x5 and 8x10. Although I have purchased 4x5 color Polaroid, and still don't like it (used to shoot Polaroids 30 years ago). No real offense or criticism meant. I've just never liked what I get out of color Polaroids...

Now, if we could get a Type 855 that would produce a print AND negative with the same exposure, I wouldn't mind the cost at all! I do sometimes shoot Type 55 for both as a lighter negative scans better. But if I want a better negative, I sacrifice the print. Save it something like a contact for later reference though.

I'll hold onto my hopes of Type 855, still shoot Type 55, and probably always have a box of 804 on hand...

Per Volquartz
17-Sep-2003, 14:37
One way to bring the cost down would be to spend very little on paid advertising, using free PR instead. Also the product could be sold in plain brown boxes, with just the Polaroid logo on the box. Any large format photographer would know the product! No cost to speak of for packaging. Hey, it could be sold in zip lock bags for all I care. It would be a great product!

Perhaps the product might only be available mail order? Cheaper still!

Steve Hamley
17-Sep-2003, 17:30

I'd buy and use Polaroid Type 55 in 8x10.



Francis Abad
17-Sep-2003, 17:39
I am interested to know if this could be a special order item if enough people would show a genuine interest. If the test were great then surely this product must be given a chance to be used by LF photographers all over the world. Or does it cost 100 dollars per sheet or something too ridiculous to mention?

David A. Goldfarb
17-Sep-2003, 17:57
Now one thing I've always wondered about is why type 55 doesn't use a faster negative emulsion to bring the negative exposure closer to the positive exposure, since it seems that most people give more exposure for the neg than for the print. Isn't the idea to have both a usable neg and a usable print? Otherwise you might as well proof with regular Polaroid and shoot regular neg film.

Bill Jefferson
18-Sep-2003, 03:35
Thanks to all for your interest and comments, Enquire about this, see if you can change there minds.

While I was doing the initial test, I figured out low volume handling of the product here, including shipping here in the building. I was the one who first enquired on this forum who would be interested in this product format, and took your comments to the first meeting to support this.

If anyone is doing foliage season in Vermont this year, I live there, Im available on weekends, and would demonstrate whats what i have of this film, until i shoot it into extinction.


18-Sep-2003, 06:53
I'm just amazed that after more than 30 years of production, Polaroid hasn't bothered to fix it so the print and negative ISO speeds are identical.

mark lindsey
19-Sep-2003, 20:51
I don't think having the two match up is really that important, if I want a polaroid positive I would go to a print only film which would be much cheaper, and if I wanted a negative I would use the 55 and check only the neg for proper exposure. even if the two matched up, I would still check the neg only, since that is what I would value the most.

Ed Burlew
20-Sep-2003, 06:05
I shhot 8x10 , I use the polaroid and would not hesitate to use 8x10 55pn. The ability to get the negative fast and then print it is the best advantage. Please, Mr. Land, do a run for us to try.

David A. Goldfarb
20-Sep-2003, 08:53
Type 55 is an attractive medium for people who do medium- and large-format street, travel, and documentary photography, because it creates the possibility of giving a print to the subject whom you may never see again and have no way of contacting and keeping the negative. If the positive and negative were the same speed, this would work much better, no?

Bill Jefferson
22-Sep-2003, 03:16
thanks to all for the e-mails,

It is extremely important to have the sheet and negative speeds set so the sensitometry is compatable for the picture and negative, for the shoet development time of 20 secs.


luis a de santos
22-Sep-2003, 17:18
I would like to add my voice to those above. I use a lot of 8x10 polaroid both color and black and white I have also experimented with the chocolate cross over and it is very nice. 8x10 55 type film would be a great thing. I would like to know how polaroid came to a negative answer in their marketing evaluation. I also agree with many in this forum about the expensive packaging of polaroid both 4x5 and 8x10, a simpler sturdy cardboard would be just fine. Finally I would gladly join forces and money with whoever is interested to see if a special order could be placed. Thanks

Bill Jefferson
8-Aug-2004, 03:31
Hi All, Looks like the T-805, (T-55 in 8x10 format) isn't dead yet. It took a while but I am now gearing up to do another round of feasibility tests. From the initial test we determined that the development time will be 60 seconds. SO, now i need to find my 5 gal bucket again to mix the sodium sulfide in.

Sal Santamaura
8-Aug-2004, 09:09
Go Bill, go!!!!!!

8-Aug-2004, 14:24
Thanks for the update! Great news!

Matt Miller
8-Aug-2004, 16:45
I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one, T-805 would be a dream come true!

Steve Hamley
26-Aug-2004, 12:23
Once again, I'll buy some - in a heartbeat!


Andrew O'Neill
24-Sep-2004, 19:35
Hey Bill, how are those tests coming??

Thom Bennett
5-Oct-2004, 18:11
Another vote for 8x10 Type 55. I think it would be awesome to be able to shoot an instant 8x10 neg, scan the result and output via an Epson printer. We're keeping our fingers crossed and thanks Mr. Jefferson for all your hard work.

Dimitri Van Zeebroeck
6-Feb-2005, 06:17
I was wondering what the 8x10 inch type 55 (polaroid t-805) became...

Anybody did some tests recently? Hello Bill Jefferson?

I live in Europe, I'd buy some boxes right away when this product would become available. I believe this would be a wonderfull product!

Please let us know : where's polaroid t-805???