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13-Oct-2011, 16:33
I am looking at picking up a camera like this one. It is in good condition with a light tight bellows. My questions is this: It has the original brass lens, can I just use my modern fuji 210mm lens that I use with my 4 x 5 with this camera?


MIke Sherck
14-Oct-2011, 07:54
You may have to make a new lens board for the Fuji lens, but yes, it will work fine. Fuji made three types of 210mm lens; all of them will cover 5x7.


Eric Biggerstaff
14-Oct-2011, 07:58
I use a Conley 5X7 and use all of my modern lenses. Like Mike said, you will need either a new board or you can make an adapter board. I kept all of my lenses on my 4"x4" boards and have an adapter for the Conley so I can use the lenses on my Zone VI or the Conely. It is a very good and lightweight camera. I recently sent mine to Richard Ritter who aligned and repaired it, so I think I can get another 100 years out of it!

14-Oct-2011, 09:57
I use a Conley 5X7 and use all of my modern lenses.

Well, Conley isn't Conley. I have a suspicion that the original poster means one of the self-encasing "cycle" cameras and not the much larger and sturdier Kodak 2D/Ansco/B&J/etc lookalikes. Most of those cycle cameras have rather minute lensboards, and anything approaching 2inch in diameter or larger may not fit physically.

Steven Tribe
14-Oct-2011, 10:02
b b b has hit the nail on the head, I think!
These were not really designed to house the lens of the revolution that started with the F4.5 anastigmats. The lens will have to removed before the camera can be closed - at best.

Eric Biggerstaff
15-Oct-2011, 05:56
Ahhhhh...........good point! I didn't think of that.

MIke Sherck
15-Oct-2011, 16:20
I'd forgotten all about the other style of camera -- duh! Especially since I have one... (plate camera from an auction, needs new bellows and I've never used it.) Sorry if my foggy memory has misled anyone!


20-Oct-2011, 18:20
thanks for the replies everyone. This helped out a lot.