View Full Version : Type 55 emulsion problems - (good) response from Polaroid

Brian Kennedy
17-Sep-2003, 09:06
I apologize if it's not proper to start a new thread, but I thought the old one might get lost in the shuffle, plus it was only tangentially related. I finally decided to write to Polaroid and asked them about the emulsion problems I (and others) have been seeing for Type 55 (see this thread, near the end of it: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/thread.php?topic=496592). I sent a question yesterday to Polaroid's customer service via their web site, and they responded promptly with a very kind and informative note. I guess they were already aware of the problem. They say the newer batches should be okay:

The problem actually sounds like a defect with the pod seal; it didn't
break properly right in that area, so the chemistry didn't spread there.
Our manufacturing group is aware of the problem and has since rectified
it, however there may still be some of that defective film out there. I
will send you a voucher for a replacement box, but if this should happen
again (and hopefully it won't!), you can return the film either to the
dealer or to our film analysis group (you would need to call first to get
a return authorization number).

I apologize for the inconvenience (and frustration!) this may have
caused; fortunately, Polaroid does warranty its products!

If you have any future questions or problems, please feel free to email
us again or contact our Technical Support line at 1-800-225-1618, M-F, 8
am - 7 pm EST, for further assistance.

s. gregory
19-Sep-2003, 07:03
Brian (and Polaroid): thanks for your help with the emulsion problem. I sent an e-mail to Polaroid explaining the trouble I've been having and they agreed it was a manufacturing glitch. They are cheerfully sending me a voucher for another box, and I am sending them some samples of the offending film. Such excellent customer service. I will continue to do my best to keep them financially solvent.

Carl Schofield
23-Oct-2004, 14:27
The infamous "V" notch problem may be back again. I just bought a new box of type 55 and my first three exposures showed a notch on the negative near the pod end of the film. Film was dated for April 2005. Anyone else run into this recently?

23-Oct-2004, 17:52
You'd think that after 40 years they'd have all the problems solved (Including the same ISO for print and negative).

Peter Hamilton
14-Dec-2004, 07:32
I've just opened a box of February 2005 dated film and that has the V-notch problem on the first two sheets. I wonder when this batch was made? Is it as long ago as 2003 - which is when the problems appear to have begun? I've been using this film for almost 40 years, on and off, and I don't recall having this problem until recently, i.e. the last two years. What is the best thing to do: send it back to my supplier (calumet) or contact Polaroid themselves? - not the easiest task in the UK.

Peter Hamilton
15-Dec-2004, 03:54
A quick update. Using the info from the the large format forum, I have e-mailed Polaroid about the current problem with type 55 and got this reply back very quickly. I quote:

"Dear Mr. Hamilton

Thank you for your information regarding your Type 55 Film.
The fault you describe is known by Polaroid, unfortunately it is difficult
to trace as it is not a batch fault,
Meaning that the next batch with the same dating might not have this fault.

Please sent your defective film to our manufacturing plant for analyses, and
we will replace your film."

The UK address for returns is:
Polaroid Trading UK Ltd.
F.A.O. Ian MacDonald
Vale of Leven Ind. Est.
Dumbarton - Dunbartonshire
G82 3PW

I hope large format colleagues in the UK will find this helpful. I do think it shows Polaroid in a very good light, and to be honest I have always found their people to be very helpful.
Kind regards