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24-Jan-1999, 10:05
Has any one had a problem with vignetting with the Lee Filter system when used o n large format images taken with wide angle lenses. I find that when I use a fi lter (e.g. a polorizer) in the Lee filter holder over a center filter(screw-in) with a 120mm Nikkor, images over 6x17(e.g.6x24) have vignetting from the holder. Also, the lense shade cannot be used. Maybe the answer is to just use screw-in filters, but I find the rectangular filters easier to use and have adapted it for all or my lenses. Any ideas are appreciated.

Bruce M. Herman
24-Jan-1999, 15:14
I had vignetting problems with the lee system on my Fuji 90 mm f5.6 (82 mm front threads). I couldn't use any tilt or rise. I moved to the Sinar system, which had a larger diameter opening. I say "had" because this was about 6 years ago. It's possible that the newer Lee holders have a larger diameter opening, but from your comment, perhaps not.

The one drawback to the Sinar system is that they use 1 mm thick filters. No one else makes filters this thin to my knowledge. That means that a lot of interesting filters are not usable unless you mill their vertical edges. The Lee polyester filters can be used with a paper clip instead of using their cardboard mount, but this is not a satisfactory solution.

Good luck, Bruce

Ben Diss
24-Jan-1999, 16:18
Check out the Lee wide angle adapter. This mounts the holder further back on the lens. I'm able to use my Nikkor 75mm without any problem.

Charles Matter
25-Jan-1999, 17:04
Suggest you put your filters on the rear element. Use the Lee (or even $inar) 3" square. I use a spring clamp square holder which clamps to the rear element. Calument sells one which attaches to the rear of the lens board. 3" filters work very well with everything except my new Nikkor 120 which has a larger size rear element..So you might want to consider starting with 4" filters right off so you don't have to go thru the agony of changing over which I'm going thru now. With filters on the rear, you not only eliminate vignetting problems, but also glare, reflections..etc. Compose and do all your swings and tilts first..then carefully undo the front bellows and attach filter pack just before the shot (sometimes I have to remove the lensboard. make sure everything is locked down and there will be no problem with focus changes..etc. NOTE this works well with everything except polarizing and special items such as graduated ND's. For those..I use a special oversize two piece holder which screws into the front threads..(and I carefully shade the lens)

Brian Ellis
28-Jan-1999, 22:55
I have a vignetting problem with my 90 mm F 5.6 Super Angulon lens. I plan to get the wide angle adapter that Lee recently started selling but haven't done so yet so I don't know how much it will help, though others say it works great. Very aggravating to me that Lee sold a product with known vignetting problems for quite a few years before doing something about it.