View Full Version : WD2D+ and Fuji Acros, Foma 100?

13-Oct-2011, 09:43
Usually I shoot FP4 and develop in WD2D+, but I've been using up some old stock of Foma and Acros film and don't see any listing for WD2D+ development times. Anyone had any luck with this developer on these films. I'm tempted to just go with the same times for FP4 since they all are rated at ISO 100 anyway, but don't want to go down the wrong road and loose some potentially good negs. All in 4X5, and my fall back developer is stock XTOL.

14-Oct-2011, 08:10
I have not used acros 100, but i have used delta 100, which is also a new-grain film and it works very well, I think my times were 13 mins in trays.