View Full Version : looking for bag bellows for Zone Vi Ultralight- any suggestions?

13-Oct-2011, 09:23
looking for bag bellows for Zone Vi Ultralight- any suggestions?

compatible brands? where to find OEM one?

I tried making one, but it was too daunting for me, at least for now.


13-Oct-2011, 10:50
Calumet may have them through the repairs department. If not, they may have the frames for front and back and then you might build the cloth part.

I would also check with KEH.com.

If you do find one, make sure it is the continuous bag version. I had one of the earlier half bag/half pleated versions many years ago and on one hot summer day, the seam between the sections delaminated when the glue got hot from direct sun. That resulted in several frames of very fogged film from the major light leak.

Scott Davis
13-Oct-2011, 11:10
I assume you're talking about the Zone VI 4x5? I don't know if they made a bag bellows for the 8x10, as I'm pretty sure the bellows is non-interchangeable on the 8x10.

tim schroll
21-Oct-2011, 07:29
I have a bag bellows that fits my "standard" Zone VI (4x5) that has had very little use over the last several years. I bought it new. Its the leather version that is one piece. I don't know if there is an ultra light version or not but, if you are interested, I would be willing to part with mine because I just don't use it.


tim schroll
21-Oct-2011, 10:22

Just found my bellows on the shelf and upon inspection noticed one of the corner seams had become separated. Sorry.


Louie Powell
21-Oct-2011, 12:57
Make your own.

Seriously, you can make a frame from wood. Any hardwood will work, but maple is cheap and easy to work with.