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13-Oct-2011, 07:07
I need to rent darkroom space in New York over the next several months to develop and contact print 8x10 B&W film. The possibilities seem to be:

Print Space
Beth Schiffer
New York Camera Club (requires a fairly expensive membership)
International Center of Photography (available only to ICP students)
Phototechnica (not sure if 8x10 is possible, but have sent an e-mail inquiry)

If you have used any of the above, I'd appreciate comments on the facility. Also, are there any darkroom rentals in the city that I'm missing and that are still operating?


Scott Davis
13-Oct-2011, 08:10
Try talking to the Center for Antique Processes. They have a classroom with a wet darkroom you might be able to use when they're not running seminars.

13-Oct-2011, 08:24
I figure you mean Center for Alternative Photography. Thanks, didn't know about them. They are now running some of their courses in partnership with the ICP, including an Albumen course this weekend that I just might take if there's still room.

Terence Falk
15-Oct-2011, 15:48
I used Print Space a number of years ago, and I felt it was very good. I rented the private darkrooms and they were well equipped and comfortable. The staff was pleasant and very helpful; they asked what developer I would like and they had all the trays set up when I arrived. They also have a reception/ waiting area to hang out in that was a place to wait for film to dry, etc.
I do not know if they have the capability for you to process 8x10, though. I did process 4x5 and there were film drying cabinets exclusively for sheet film.

Sanjay Sen
15-Oct-2011, 16:03
I have used the B&W darkroom facilities at Print Space and would recommend them - good facilities, helpful and friendly staff, nice place all around. I have not processed film in their darkrooms, but have asked about it and they said 'no problem'. They do have an 8x10 enlarger in case you want to go that route. You can use your own chemicals (which is what I do, with printing) or use the chemicals they provide. The only issue I have is with their policy of not allowing any toning - supposedly due to some NYC regulation.

I have spoken to Beth Schiffer and she seems quite friendly and helpful, but I have not used her darkrooms.

I hope that helps.

16-Oct-2011, 17:35
Thanks Terence and Sanjay. Will check out Print Space this week.

17-Oct-2011, 19:08
Dropped by Print Space today. They told me that sheet film processing regardless of size is in 20x24 trays. Still checking out others and will update.