View Full Version : Where to get Archival Storage Supplies

David Solow
12-Oct-2011, 14:38
Hi all,

I've been scared off of Light Impressions, because of some recent really negative reviews on this site. I used to use them, and never had a bad experience, but that was years ago. Does anyone have any recent experience with other vendors. I looked at University Products, and they had what I needed, but I just wanted to check with all of you first. Right now, I'm looking for storage boxes for prints up 20 x 24 and individual sleeves for 2 1/4" film.



Scott Walker
12-Oct-2011, 14:42

12-Oct-2011, 14:48
I've used http://www.archivalmethods.com. Not sure if they have the specific sizes you are looking for though.


David Solow
12-Oct-2011, 14:54
The 2 /14" sleeves aren't urgent, so if you have a place that doesn't sell them, that's fine.


David Solow
12-Oct-2011, 14:59
Thanks Scott and Bob. They have everything I'm looking for.


12-Oct-2011, 15:58

I get all my print boxes and negative boxes from them -- superior products compared to what I have gotten from Light Impressions and Freestyle. Better material and build. I believe Archival Methods gets their products from them.