View Full Version : 24in Goerz Artar and Ilex Shutter

12-Oct-2011, 14:29
I am looking for a longer lens for 8x10. The Fujinon 600mm c is expensive and hard to find. I've found several 24in artars in barrel for a good price. But I want/need a shutter. Do these fit directly into an Ilex #5 shutter with no modification? Or would it be cheaper and better to get a copal #3 shutter? I think a copal might be better since it has more speeds. But then it may need to be sent to S.K Grimes which probably isn't cheap.

Thanks for any help.

Dan Fromm
12-Oct-2011, 14:59
Compound #5, Ilex #5, Alphax #5, and Betax #5 all have large enough apertures. So do Compur and Copal #3 and #3S. Shutters' dimensions are here: http://www.suaudeau.eu/memo/pratique/Les_obturateurs_centraux.html . You might want to look around on www.skgrimes.com too.

The big question is whether the lens you buy will have cells threaded to fit any of them with correct spacing. You'd best ask the sellers how their lenses' cells are threaded.

Good luck.

Drew Wiley
12-Oct-2011, 15:44
Don't overlook Apo Nikkors in barrel. They are relatively common, affordable, and
outstanding optically. Grimes has a shutter compatibilty chart.

karl french
12-Oct-2011, 18:21
I have a 24 inch Artar mounted in a Ilex No.5 I'm thinking about selling. With either a Deardorff or Sinar board. The slow speeds in this shutter are erratic.