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12-Oct-2011, 13:35
There's been a 5x7 Shen Hao on e-pay for almost with a buy now price of almost $1400 incl. shipping. On the surface this seems like a pretty good deal except it's still there -- is it the Shen Hao or am I missing something? I'm looking for a 5x7 but need some feedback concerning this brand -- thanx.

Lachlan 717
12-Oct-2011, 13:49
5x7 film availability could be the underlying issue.

Have you researched this?

Eric Biggerstaff
12-Oct-2011, 14:29
That seller is Badger Graphic and they are the Shen Hao dealer here in the US. That is the model I am considering myself. This is a regular stock item and I suspect Badger keeps the item listed. You can also get a 4X5 reducing back for this model from Badger for $200 extra, I plan on getting both.

While color film is tough to get, there is PLENTY of 5X7 options in B&W including Ilford, Efke, Adox and Arista.

Eric Biggerstaff
12-Oct-2011, 14:31
Oh, and while I have not used this model, there are MANY users of Shen Hao cameras and from what I can tell in my trials, they are a solid camera with good features and a good price. The sweet camera on eBay right now is the Lotus 5X7, man I love that one!

Renato Tonelli
12-Oct-2011, 14:58
I have been known to lust for a Lotus 5x7 but have given up...

12-Oct-2011, 16:03
Definitely would be sweet. I use a pretty clunky 5x7 but lust for a Chamonix, maybe a Shen-Hao. Or a Deardorff. My only concern is the lack of ALL film, I think if some LF film is available, 5x7 will probably be available. Foma seems like a solid bet, I think film is all they make and have never heard anything about them going under. And I really like their film.

Anyway, it somewhat concerns me to spend $1500 on something that might not be useable in 4 or 5 years, but that's the same for all LF cameras.

Gem Singer
12-Oct-2011, 18:13

You still can use a 5x7 camera with a 4x5 reducing back if 5x7 film disappears.

However, it's not likely to disappear in the next 4, or 5 years.

TV's, computers, cell phones, and I Pads have a shorter life span than 5x7 film, so why bother to invest in one of those gadgets?

Michael Graves
12-Oct-2011, 18:21
Badger is a very fine and reputable dealer. Buying a camera from them will be far from the worst thing you ever did.

Steve Hamley
12-Oct-2011, 18:29
The camera is a Phillips-clone. I had a 5x7 Shen Hao that was the Ebony clone in walnut and liked it very much. I liked the real Ebony better though, and traded it in. If it's teak, be sure and check the weight before you buy.

The one thing I disliked about my Ebony-clone very much was the "rubber bands" on the knobs. When those go, the knobs are slick and useless. Gaffers tape would work in a pinch, but I suspect you'd eventually have to replace ever knob on it. Maybe not such a big deal if you like the camera, just a PITA. The listed one also appears to have the rubber bands.

Another high recommendation for Badger Graphic. Jeff is one of the best; you can't go wrong.

Cheers, Steve

12-Oct-2011, 18:47
if/when film runs out, you can always coat glass plates, or shoot paper negatives ..