View Full Version : Any Lith Printers Out There?

12-Oct-2011, 06:07
I think this process will be awesome for a project I'm embarking on.

I like to mix my own...can you share your favorite recipe and how you use it??



12-Oct-2011, 07:20
I use 'Ultrafine' 50cc A + 50cc B to make a liter of developer. From there I use 'Lith paper de jour' and snatch it when it is ready, watching with a 'safe' flashlight.

Its pretty easy. When I'm doing printing with my kids we lith print because they don't understand reciprocity but they can yell 'NOW' when the print is ready to be snatched.

12-Oct-2011, 07:31
Thanx Race. Is Ultrafine a pre-mixed packaged? Also, is the flashlight just a plain flashlight with a red filter over it?

12-Oct-2011, 08:20
I use LD-20 - diluted 1:9.... Developing times are usually 10-15 minutes with this dilution, exposures around 3 stops over normal...

As far as snatch point, I use a red safelight near the developing tray +- 2ft - and click it on when the image gets close...

Biggest problem I've had with Lith printing is streaking on some papers from normal strength stop bath....I now use a very dilute stop...


12-Oct-2011, 13:44
Moersch EasyLith is brilliant and easy. Combined with Foma papers this is a match made in heaven. Life is made much easier by keeping some "old brown" - used/aged lith developer.

12-Oct-2011, 18:47
GOod papers for brown tone?

12-Oct-2011, 23:00
I'd second suggestion for Wolfgang Moersch Chemicals and foma papers - they work brillianlty together! And you can play and play forever! :) (Or at least as long as your stock of paper and chemicals will last...

13-Oct-2011, 01:11
I use Rollei Vintage Lith developer 100ccm A + 100ccm B + 2500ccm Water with either Foma Fomabrom Variant or Efke Varycon. Fomabrom and Efke give you a brown tone in Lith.


20-Oct-2011, 13:15
Just found your post post. Glad to see there are other folks afflicted with this condition. I too use Foma papers, but with Wolfgang Moersch SE5 lith developer and Omega intensifier from time to time.