View Full Version : 80mm Super Symmar XL, Center Filter... yea or nay?

16-Sep-2003, 15:50
Hi all,

I recently asked this question on USENET and got some good answers, but I thought I'd try it here (ok, I admit it, I just wanted to post to the born-again list, I'm glad it is back!).

I am curious if you use a center filter (Schneider 3b or otherwise) with your 80mm SS Xl--what situations, B/W, slide, or color neg., etc.


Doug Dolde
16-Sep-2003, 17:35
For 4x5...you need it for color transparencies for sure.

Henry Ambrose
16-Sep-2003, 20:50
Yes, you will want the CF for the 80 SS XL. I use it on mine about 70% of the time, as needed with any film type. And it is -good- to be back here!

Mike Todd
17-Sep-2003, 00:03
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I find a small amount of vignetting can sometimes enhance a photograph, but YMMV. If you're asking whether or not using the 80XL without a CF will produce darkened corners, the answer is yes.

21-Sep-2003, 23:38
Thanks for the info, guys.