View Full Version : Cambo Reflex Viewfinder question

11-Oct-2011, 10:26
Someone from China is selling a copy of Cambo reflex viewfinder for $150 or so on the *Bay. I've had very little experience so far with my recently acquired 4x5 Cambo SC but I've shot for years with all sorts of TLR cameras and like them a lot. So I guess you can see why I'm interested in a downward looking viewfinder. I have absolutely no idea if a reflex viewfinder is a good idea with a view camera. I haven't seen it mentioned too often here so my gut instinct is negative. So please, talk me out of it before I buy something stupid ;-)

luis a de santos
11-Oct-2011, 10:40
I use them all the time.
I have bought two of those chinese items one straight the other right angle.They work as expected and in general well enough to avoid the dark cloth.
For very fine focusing the loupe is still the way to go.These viewers, perticularly the right angle are quite useful for composition.

Best Luis

11-Oct-2011, 11:08
Cambo Reflex Viewfinder do a 360* for better viewing
I don't thank that the China copy that

Gem Singer
11-Oct-2011, 12:59
I use a Cambo Reflex Viewer on my 4x5 Canham back. It does not fit directly onto the 5x7 back.

It's a pleasure to compose and focus, right side up, without the need for a dark cloth.

John Conway
12-Oct-2011, 13:23
I bought an original Cambo finder on ebay in nice shape for 115.00. Love it. I even use it on my CC402 Calumet. It doesn't secure to the ground glass, but I just hold it against the ground glass and it works great.

Joseph Dickerson
12-Oct-2011, 17:00
I have the original Cambo unit that I'll sell. PM me if you're interested.