View Full Version : Lens repolishing-135 w.f ektar

Kevin Kemner
17-May-1999, 16:58
I have a 50's era 135 w.f. ekatr that has scratches on the rear element that I s uspect may be creating some areas of soft focus. Images shot with the lens can be very sharp in some areas but either soft or out of focus in other areas in th e same focal plane. I'm contemplating having the rear element repolished. Does anyone have any opinions on this? My other option would be to sell this lens a nd by a new comparable lens although modern 135's have a smaller image circle. This is my favorite focal length.

straw berry
19-May-1999, 03:57
Why not look for an 'as is' 135 wf ektar, which would happen to have a good rear element?

-dan strawberry9@worldnet.att.net