View Full Version : Muddy high values with Lodima?

James Morris
11-Oct-2011, 05:16
I'm seeing muddy high values printing with Lodima, and was wondering if this is a known problem, or if there's something wrong with my technique.

I've tried different developers (Multigrade, PF 130) and compared side-by-side with other papers including MGIV fb and Ilfobrom Galerie. Things work as expected with the other papers, but with the Lodima (both grades), the high values always seem depressed, as if the paper is fogged.

I'm using a 65W tungsten spot as a light source, about 115cm away, with exposure times of about 20s. I'm developing as I would for other papers, e.g. 60 seconds in 130.

Any clues?

Gem Singer
11-Oct-2011, 05:27
Un-safe darkroom safelight?

James Morris
11-Oct-2011, 05:55
Gem: it's been fine with regular enlarging papers, which are faster. I should check, though.

James Morris
11-Nov-2011, 07:32
FWIW, the problem was that my negs were not dense enough.

It's working great now!

Michael Clark
11-Nov-2011, 08:23
I found the same problem but in reverse.Negs printed great with contact printing, but were very dense in the high tones for enlarging. I use 5x7 film and really have to expose and develop differently for each process.


John Berry
11-Nov-2011, 12:54
developer temp?