View Full Version : arca swiss?

10-Oct-2011, 19:22

this is an arca swiss right?

which model?



Darin Boville
10-Oct-2011, 19:32
I'm no Arca expert but it looks like a Discovery...


10-Oct-2011, 19:50
It is an F-Line Compact. Note the collapsing rail. It looks like the model with 141mm front and rear function carriers. The older model would have larger 171mm carriers. Another model has a small 110mm front function carrier.

A Discovery is identified by cream colored accents on the knob, rather than the gray on the ones pictured.

Darin Boville
10-Oct-2011, 19:58
Jerold, on the other hand, *is* an Arca expert!

--Darin (I knew the Discovery had colored knobs of some sort--do I get half credit?)

Frank Petronio
10-Oct-2011, 20:14
Poor guy can't afford a proper Arca-Swiss Monoball to hold it, sniff, sob ;-p

Tracy Storer
12-Oct-2011, 15:42
Frank, he does ok work without the monoball, that's Abe Morell if I'm not mistaken.

12-Oct-2011, 16:47
The Discovery function carriers have bright yellow lock levers and only one of the two carriers is geared. Also, if you look at the front function carrier in the photo above, it attaches to the standard with a clamp. On the Discovery, the carriers attach with a screw. They also have a higher profile. The tripod block on the rail in the photo looks to me like the one used on the Discovery. The F-line Classic block that comes with a 50cm telescoping rail is different.

The parts for these cameras are interchangeable. I use the carriers from my 8x10 F-line Classic on my 4x5 Discovery if I want gearing on both carriers, and I sometimes use the 50cm telescoping rail (telescoping meaning that it extends to 75cm plus) from the 8x10 on the 4x5. I have also used the 30cm rail that came with the Discovery, by itself or as a centre section for the 50cm rail when telescoped, with the 8x10. In the Arca-Swiss system, the model names are pretty much meaningless.

Rod Klukas
15-Oct-2011, 08:06
The Camera is a 141 series F-line-C classic. It has the standards reversed on the function carriers, as the grey levers are normally toward the rear. There is a rail extension available that just 'plugs-in' to the collapsible rail to allow for added extension. Great camera! It also, I see, has the 141 to 110 step down adapter lens board to allow use of the smaller 110 boards.

15-Oct-2011, 08:33
The loupe on his neck is Schneider 8x - the unalienable accessory to such a camera... :)