View Full Version : Which Sinar is this?

10-Oct-2011, 17:41
I have had this for about 6 years but I forgot what model it is. I'm going to put it on eBay. What is it? Thanks!!

BTW not leaving the LF world. Just got a John Minnicks built Graflex with an Aero Ektar 127mm 2.5 :)

Ken Lee
10-Oct-2011, 17:47
P 2

peter ramm
10-Oct-2011, 19:19
Yes, normal (not 8 x 10) P2 standards with metering back and the "over the top" rail clamp.

Frank Petronio
10-Oct-2011, 20:18
Advertise it for free here first, pass the savings from eBay ripping you 10-20% extra onto good, reliable LF Forum photographers (usual common sense cautions apply).

Really once I subtract the fees eBay is going to gouge, I can sell stuff at the same net-to-me that is very competitive and quick-to-sell.