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Daniel Stone
10-Oct-2011, 16:11
Hey guys,

I just got off the phone with Curt, the owner of "The Darkroom" Lab. I guess as of Aug 31st, 2011, they had to move from their prior location on Reseda blvd to the following address:

5348 Topanga Cyn. Blvd.
Woodland Hills, Ca. 91364

They have merged with Woodland Hills Camera. They are NO LONGER doing E-6 processing in-house, unfortunately. I just used them recently for a batch of E-6 film from a trip, and it was super duper! Great staff(including meeting Curt himself for the 1st time), and a very fast turnaround! Now that they have moved, E-6 isn't an in-house service anymore, so they're sending film out to another lab, I don't know where.

Just wanted to give an "update" to anyone in the Northridge,Reseda, or general LA area that uses their services. Their website still shows the old pricelist, and the prior price of $2.80/sheet for 4x5 E-6 is now up to $4.95/sheet according to another person's mention on another thread. :(.

From the few times I used their services, they were always spot-on, super quick, and super accurate. A very professional operation, though small in size, and staffing. A real loss IMO.

I've also been using Samy's in Santa Barbara, so I'll continue to use them. I'm also going to start looking at AGX Imaging (http://www.agximaging.com/price-list-3/) as well, since they've been highly recommended, albeit with a little slower turnaround time.

Onwards! But they days of "the lab down the street" is becoming #'d unfortunately..


10-Oct-2011, 18:23

If you're still looking for e-6 Icon does it and so does A+I (well, they will up until Jan 1st 2012 then it's no more)


Daniel Stone
11-Oct-2011, 07:23
A+I's not gonna do E-6 after 1/2012?