View Full Version : Zac's Camera Repair - RI

Sal Favata
10-Oct-2011, 13:30
Anybody have experience using this repair center, in Providence, RI? I need a little "creative" machining to repair my VC. Let me know. Thanks!

Barry Trabitz
10-Oct-2011, 14:25

They did some work on my Mamayaflex TLR. Could have charged a mint but did not. I found them very nice to deal with.


Sal Favata
10-Oct-2011, 19:02
Hey Barry,

Just the word I had hoped to hear, and I now feel better about sending my baby to him for reconstructive surgery. I hated to consider parting-out my limping Horseman LE. Using it is 2nd nature to me, for sooooo long. BIG Thanks!