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10-Oct-2011, 00:41
I've just inherited a huge amount of large format equipment - mainly Sinar and Linhof. There is an awful lot of kit and accessories, and dozens of lenses, many of which appear to be unused.

This is a long way from my knowledge comfort zone (I'm a 35mm SLR photographer - sorry !) and I'm going to need some help and advice. Is there anyone in the London area who might be interested in taking a look at this stuff and advising me on how best to sell / market it ? I will, of course, be advertising some here on the site.

Thanks in advance,


10-Oct-2011, 05:21
If you take some photos of all the stuff I'm sure many people on here would be able to help, too. :)

10-Oct-2011, 08:37
If you take some photos of all the stuff I'm sure many people on here would be able to help, too. :)

I'll try and do it before the week is out - there's an awful lot of stuff !

10-Oct-2011, 10:38
Why not offer it all by the pound? Easier than dealing with everything piece at a time.

10-Oct-2011, 11:21
Sinar and Linhof are top marques. Your equipment should be very saleable.

Frank Petronio
10-Oct-2011, 17:02
Try to find a local photographer with some experience to help you describe and grade the equipment. If you wanted to post some photos here we would probably volunteer descriptions and explain what people are looking for. Try to figure out how to operate the shutters, use the camera movements, and make note of any stickiness or sluggishness. Often mint equipment looks great but needs a clean and adjust service because the lubricants have turned to gum.

11-Oct-2011, 01:42
I'm just putting together an initial list of the lenses now - I'll post it up later today.

Thanks for your help and advice thus far.

Struan Gray
11-Oct-2011, 02:36
If you haven't already, post on the UK LF board:


The chances are there'll be a local who can help to sort and price the gear without getting all Arther Daley on you and offering to 'help take it off your hands'. A giveaway gadget or small commission by way of thanks wouldn't hurt, but most will probably offer to do it for free.

If you want to maximise the money you get, you should sell the pieces individually via eBay or sites like this. It will mean a certain amount of work though. The easy route is to consign the stuff or sell it outright to a dealer, but then you'll be lucky to get 40-50% of the standard sale price for such things. How much is your time worth?

Or you could make me very, very happy on my birthday :-)

11-Oct-2011, 02:47
Here is the first of the lists. In most cases, there is a plate marked 'Technika' or 'Linhof' :

Zeiss Biogon 75mm f4.5

Zeiss Biogon 53mm f4.5

Zeiss Biogon 53mm f4.4

Rodenstock Graflex Grandagon 58mm f5.6

Nikkor 105mm f3.5

Nikkor 65mm f4

Nikkor 75mm f4.5

Nikkor 270mm f6.3

Nikkor 360mm f8

Zeiss Sonar 180mm f4.8

Schneider Krauznach Super Angulon 90mm f5.6

Schneider Krauznach Symmer-S 150mm f5.6

Schneider Krauznach Tele-Arton 240mm f5.5

Lots more still to come.

Bob Salomon
11-Oct-2011, 06:23
Some of these lenses were sold in shutter for use on a view camera and some could have been sold in a helical focusing mount with a bayonet mount for use in specific cameras. The value will depend on what the lenses were made for.

11-Oct-2011, 12:50
They are all decent lenses, but age and condition will be the main factor governing price. Some of these lenses have been made for 40 years!

We need photo's and descriptions to estimate value. The biggest clue to age is often the type and version of the shutters, as well as the actual Serial Numbers. Copal, Compur and Compound being the common european and japanese types.

You should read the articles at the root level of this site. Especially in this case:


Darin Boville
11-Oct-2011, 12:57
Anything with the word "Biogon" sounds expensive to me :)

If the lenses themselves (not just the boards) are marked "Linhof" then they are more valuable than an identical unit without the "Linhof."


Len Middleton
11-Oct-2011, 19:52
If the lenses themselves (not just the boards) are marked "Linhof" then they are more valuable than an identical unit without the "Linhof." --Darin

Or Sinar on the lens...