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16-Sep-2003, 00:49
I would like to check if anyone has adapted a 3/8" tripod mount on Tachihara 4x5.

My unit comes with 2 holes, but both at 1/4" thread.

Regards KW..

Jean-Louis Llech
16-Sep-2003, 01:21
I can't imagine to mount a 4x5" camera with a 1/4" thread.
IMO, don't try to use a 1/4" to 3/8" converter.
By doing this, the weak point would be transerred from the head to the camera, without any improvment of the solidity.

Better to contact Tachihara or your reseller to know if a transformation would be possible.

Ralph Barker
16-Sep-2003, 02:09
The 8x10 Tachihara comes with both 1/4" and 3/8" holes. Under normal circumstances, however, the screw doesn't really come under much stress unless the tripod head is tilted 90 instead of rotating the back, or unless it's tilted to close to vertical. Thus, they may have concluded that 1/4" was sufficient for the 4x5. Unless you put the camera in extreme positions with heavy lenses, I'm not sure I'd worry about it.

Mark Sampson
16-Sep-2003, 05:55
I used a 4x5 Tachihara very hard for ten years, and never had a problem with the tripod socket.

William Marderness
16-Sep-2003, 06:04
According to Ron Wisner, a 1/4" tripod socket is fine for even a 20x24, and this is how he makes his 20x24's for the American market.

Steve Hamley
16-Sep-2003, 06:40

The others are correct. A 1/4" screw can hold the largest and heaviest cameras made, and a good grade 1/4" bolt can probably hold a thousand pounds or more. The real issue is sideways, or shear force on a small fastener, and that's why large cameras and tripods have large plates - to prevent torque or sideways forces on a 1/4" screw. Given the light weight of your camera, this should not be an issue.

If it's really bugging you and you can stand using a quick release plate, I'd get one from Really Right Stuff that uses both holes. I use one of these on a Canham 8x10, to prevent any rotation of the QR plate. I'm assuming the 1/4" holes are an inch or two apart.



David R Munson
16-Sep-2003, 11:02
FWIW, my Deardorff 8x10 is some 60 years old, was heavily used before I got it, and has been heavily used since I got it, and it has a 1/4"-20 mounting screw. It's a lot stronger than you might think. To that end, read this thread (http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=003Atf) that I posted when I wasn't sure about the 1/4" screw on my 'Dorff.

16-Sep-2003, 16:56
Many thanks for all your advice. Well, I guess I'm now more comfortable with the 1/4" tripod thread than before.

Alan Davenport
16-Sep-2003, 23:27
Just to expand this a little more: I've got a 4x5 Calumet Wood Field (rebranded Tachihara!) Even with my heaviest lens, a 10" f/4.5 in a No. 4 shutter, the 4x5 is much lighter than my 35mm camera plus 300mm lens. The weight is also closer to the mount; the shorter moment arm makes the loads on the tripod screw even less. No worries here.