View Full Version : everyone who wants the "old" Tri-X

James Driscoll
15-Sep-2003, 22:11
Maybe "violating" the no commerce guidline....but since I am not selling it myself....and I since people are trying to locate it here it goes....

Fotocare in NYC, still has number of 50 sheet boxes of the "old" 8x10 Tri-X .

If this is what you have been searching for, I believe they have about a case or two left.

212-741-2990 ask for glenn- he will know what you are talking about. everyone else, will think you are nuts.

If this is violating the guidelines....I apoligize in advance.

Peter Galea
16-Sep-2003, 09:33
Sorry James, Just talked to Glenn. No more old Tri-X. New stock should be in any day.