View Full Version : what kind of shutter should be used for this old lens?

7-Oct-2011, 22:22
I recently bought an old brass lens -- Cooke series IV 15.5' F5.6 in this forum. I did realize how big it was before I got it. When I got the lens and measured it to find out the thread size of rear part is around 95 mm and the front hood is about 105 mm. Now I wonder what kind of shutter I should pick up for this lens.

7-Oct-2011, 22:28
A lens cap?

Mark Sawyer
7-Oct-2011, 23:09
For a Cooke? I'd say a nice derby bowler.

Steven Tribe
8-Oct-2011, 03:44
It really depends on the camera you are expecting to mount it on.
These sized objectives were only mounted on Studio type cameras.
The most common shutters were Guerry (front mounted on lens) and Grundner (mounted behind the camera front standard). The Guerry had to be quite near the lens hood diameter - so these were usually bought for a specific lens - like a big Cooke! The Grundner was usuable for a maximum size - and everything under tha size.
I enclose photos of both types from both sides (Guerry to the left). The openings are much more than are necessary for your Cooke.
Alternatively you could use a camera mounted Packard shutter in a big size - which like the Grundner - can be mounted in the camera. These are quite expensive.
A last alternative is an Ilexpo shutter, which is a Packard type mounted in a custom built lens board.

8-Oct-2011, 06:42
thanks Steven. I have a wood canham that seems not strong enough for this kind of lens.

Dan Fromm
8-Oct-2011, 07:03

Jim Noel
8-Oct-2011, 09:08
You need to utilize a Galli shutter.

Jim Graves
8-Oct-2011, 18:02
Galli shutter: Link (http://home.comcast.net/~mary.j.graves/JimGalliShutter.jpg)

Just two dark slides held in a V ... width of V and speed of movement across lens front determines exposure time (snow is optional.)

John Kasaian
8-Oct-2011, 19:15
thanks Steven. I have a wood canham that seems not strong enough for this kind of lens.

Just get a 2x6 that'll reach the terra firma and v-notch one end to cradle the big brassy---that'll relieve your Canham from some of the stress.

9-Oct-2011, 19:19
thanks all of you. Got the ideas.