View Full Version : Rodenstock 90mm f/6.8 - Late 70's Version

Sal Favata
7-Oct-2011, 22:09
I have the chance to pick-up an older Rodenstock 90mm f/6.8 for $200. It has the "chrome ring" around the Copal shutter, and the serial number is 9478956. I think that is a late 70's model. Glass and shutter check out fine. Anything to be concerned about regarding multi-coating from that era? The price seemed really good. Thoughts?

Sal Favata
8-Oct-2011, 10:45
Upon re-inspection of the lens, turns out there is no indication of MC on the front lens flange, so I took a pass. It's probably a nice lens for B&W, but not something I wanted to invest in, nor am I confident of its resale value. So....