View Full Version : Grafmatic

Dave Schneider
15-Sep-2003, 17:53
I used my Grafmatic today for the first time in a while. I keep it loaded with an alternate film. When using it today I had a brain hiccup that made me use it like a regular holder, ie darkslide left pulled out when taking the picture. Did I fog all the sheets in the holder or just have a focus error on this one? It was the first sheet in the holder so I only loose the film, not the images.

David A. Goldfarb
15-Sep-2003, 17:58
I've done that. No you didn't fog all the sheets, and your focus is probably fine. There is still plenty of spring in there without the darkslide.

Bob Finley
15-Sep-2003, 22:15
I have had fogging down through the cutout in all the septums but it didn't extend more than a quarter inch. Top septum/film was focused properly. Bob

Colin Carron
16-Sep-2003, 13:23

Yes very easy to do. As Bob says you will get the cut outs on all six sheets burnt out but the rest should be fine. When I'm using a Grafmatic I now go through a little routine - OK what is this strange holder? A grafmatic. How do you use it again? Up, down. Picture. Lock, up, down. Grafloks. You get strange looks but it saves on film.