View Full Version : Pre-view on a Compur shutter

7-Oct-2011, 04:57
Most of my lenses are mounted in older Compur or modern Copal shutters. I have got only 1 modern Compur 0 shutter.

Can the pre-view (via the small serrated lever/switch at the bottom of the shutter) be operated independent whether the shutter is cocked or not?

Can you close the pre-view by tripping the cocked shutter?
(On my Copals at least you first have to close the preview, and than you can fire).

( I am asking this because I jut mounted my 65mm SA f8 in a Compur 0 in a recessed lens board. The pre-view lever is now very hard to reach, I ave to use a pen to flip it. Closing is more convenient by tripping the shutter, but I want to know if I am not causing any mechanical damage this way. Are there smart solutions out there how to use this switch (yes I know the "B" option)