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Per Volquartz
15-Sep-2003, 15:26
Celebrate by participating in the Free Large Format Photography Workshop at Mt. Shasta in Northern California in October (Oct 6 - 12).

So far photographers are coming from Wisconsin, Kansas, Utah, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and from all over California. And from Sweden too!

This is our 7th Free Large Format Photography Workshop - and it looks like it may be the best so far. This will not be the last workshop you ever need (although we cover tons of stuff). Instead it may get you so worked up that you want to attend other workshops from photographers around the country.

The idea behind these Free Large Format workshops is to allow newbies and seasoned pros to meet one another, learn from one another and have a good time together while exchanging viewpoints about creative Large Format photography or fine art in general.

So, if you have not signed up be sure to email me right away at volquartz@volquartz.com

Website: http://www.volquartz.com/pervolquartz

15-Sep-2003, 15:57
Wish I could attend but I'm in NJ!

Hey Per, I purchased your 6x9 Graphflex Roll Back last year from you on eBay. Just wanted to say it's working well.

Your photography is exquisite!


John V,

15-Sep-2003, 23:31
Hi Per,

Wish I could attend too but I'm in the frozen tundra North of the US. Just kidding...the sunshine does come here and we've had a great summer!

Good luck on the Workshop.


Robert Eaves
16-Sep-2003, 14:32
Hi Per, I realize you reside on the west coast, but have you ever considered doing a workshop in New England in the fall? If I ever have a chance to get to the west coast, I will definitely plan it around one of your workshops.