View Full Version : Toyo lens boards & comparison with Shen Hao

6-Oct-2011, 05:54
Hi all,

I have a 4x5 Toyo View monorail and want to get a field camera also, since I mostly shoot outdoors. Am I right in assuming that the lensboards are compatible with the Toyo Field 45A(II) ? Obviously I would like to share lenses-in-boards between cameras.

Is there any reason (e.g. range of movements, lens compatibility, rigidity, etc) that I might regret buying a 45A instead of an HZX45-IIA or Wista Field? It must have a Graflok back so I can put rollfilm holders on.

In that vein, has anyone got a Toyo Field in perfect user condition they'd like to part with and ship off to Australia?


Tobias Key
6-Oct-2011, 06:08
Toyo field lens boards are smaller than the ones for their monorails. Toyo do (or did) make adapters so you can use smaller boards with the monorail full list here (http://www.robertwhite.co.uk/product.asp?P_ID=1215&PT_ID=357)