View Full Version : Burke & James Rembrandt 8X10

John Conway
5-Oct-2011, 16:45
Anybody have some pics of an original camera? I am watching one on ebay. The camera has a metal piece on the front standard that looks like it might be for a shade or some other accessory. I don't see it on any cameras I have seen in my search.

5-Oct-2011, 17:24

Here's mine. /|\

Looks like the one you are looking at has some minor paintwork done to it at some point. The lens on that is not suited for the camera; I'd guess it might be OK with a medium format back; I'm guessing someone put the lens on as an experiment to learn about the camera or to attempt to increase it's ebay value.

The metal piece you write about is likely for either a vignetter or lens shade.


shows an old century camera with a stud and wing nut on the side of the front standard for a similar purpose.

I paid about $350 +shipping for my unmolested rembrandt 8x10 earlier less than a year ago. I'd suggest you write the seller and ask them to modify the auction to let you submit a best offer instead of accepting their listed price. They are probably better off selling that lens separately; or you could see what the lens is worth and sell it after getting the camera if it's worth the extra work for you.

John Conway
5-Oct-2011, 17:41
I agree with what you're saying. The lens is useless. About all it does is fill the hole. It seems like someone did a little creative work with flat black paint, but I have to admit, the camera looks good. It looks clean. The bellows looks mint. But as you suggest, I will reach out and try for a better price.