View Full Version : on 'bay: Goerz 38mm f4.5 Aerotar Biogon Lens - but only 1/2 lens

Dr Klaus Schmitt
5-Oct-2011, 10:40
Had a closer look at that one and the seller seem to have "forgotten" that the Biogon is a about symmetrical design. He insists of it being complete and also that it does not have an aperture, as I had asked about it. Well, does not really speak for him I would say...

bay 280738354376

Dan Fromm
5-Oct-2011, 11:13
Not uncommon, alas, with lenses from aerial cameras.

I tried to report it, eBay has made it impossible to explain frauds like this one.

Dr Klaus Schmitt
5-Oct-2011, 13:04
That's why I listed it here Dan. From the comments the seller responded with, he seems to be pretty knowledgeable, the more it upsets me that he sells a non-functional lens as a complete, functioning one.

5-Oct-2011, 13:37
It looks more like a tiny fixed aperture metrogon to me....

Dan Fromm
5-Oct-2011, 14:26
Rick, USAF documentation is very clear about what the 38/4.5 Aerogar is. Biogon, not Metrogon. The two types are radically different.

Even if it were a little Metrogon, Klaus is right, the lens on offer is incomplete. The rear cell and barrel are missing. The diaphragm is in the barrel that isn't there.

Dr Klaus Schmitt
5-Oct-2011, 17:24
Rick, why not google for the patent number - it is printed on the lens and you'll see it is Ludwig Bertele's Biogon. Too difficult I guess ;)

Dan Fromm
6-Oct-2011, 07:01
Klaus, not an aerial camera lens, on ebay.de. 110753437482

Emmanuel BIGLER
6-Oct-2011, 08:19
on ebay.de. 110753437482

Aaaargh !! And not even deep enough to serve as a drinking cup for zeiss-o-philes !!

Dr Klaus Schmitt
6-Oct-2011, 14:43
hee hee, nice one, but too large "cup" for me..

Is this getting the new 'bay fashion now, to sell 1/2 lenses and maybe a few months later the 2nd 1/2?? ;)

Dan Fromm
6-Oct-2011, 15:19
Um, Klaus, scranor is asking more for his front cell than complete 38/4.5 Biogons mounted for aerial cameras typically sell for. Sigh.

Emmanuel BIGLER
7-Oct-2011, 03:30
sell 1/2 lenses and maybe a few months later the 2nd 1/2??
This reminds me a scene between Groucho and Chico Marx in A Day at the Races .
Groucho pays Chico to get the name of a good horse for the next race..
Chico gives to Groucho a piece of paper, on which the name of the horse is written : "ZCB67GX"

Eh, this is not the name of a horse ! , Groucho says; Chico answers: Yes, it is, but coded, I can sell you the decoding books, extra.

Dan Fromm
7-Oct-2011, 03:32
Here's another: 260866635325 . 7"/2.5 Aero Ektar.

And another: 270826669957 . 12"/2.5 Aero Ekar.

As I said, vendors who offer front cells aren't that rare.

Dr Klaus Schmitt
7-Oct-2011, 06:35
Oh well, too bad there is no way to inform ebay about these pratices... talk about "informed buyers", hope so. Reminds me of that old saying from mediterranean markets "every morning another stupid person wakes up" ;)

Dan Fromm
9-Oct-2011, 09:07
Is this getting the new 'bay fashion now, to sell 1/2 lenses and maybe a few months later the 2nd 1/2?? ;)

Good forecast, Klaus, we're nearly there. 360399983903 and 360399974929

Dr Klaus Schmitt
10-Oct-2011, 02:39
Oh well, according to the old rule "ALWAYS buy in bulk and ALWAYS sell in parts"