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Ed Candland
15-Sep-2003, 09:13
I Just wanted to say how nice it was to see photographs from Quan-Tuan Luong's national parks project in the September/October issue of View Camera. The images were very nice and what a wonderful project. Congrats! Also it's great to see Kerry Thalmann is doing more and more writting at VC. It's really improved the quality of the publication.


Kerry L. Thalmann
15-Sep-2003, 09:45

It brought me immense pleasure to see Tuan's Parks Project portfolio in print. I know how hard he has worked on this project, and I was glad I could help him get some of the recognition he deserves. It really is an amazing accomplishment and an impressive body of work.

Thank you for your comments on my contributions to View Camera. I really enjoy writing for the magazine. Most of the articles I have written have been based on proposals I submitted to Steve Simmons. So, they have been subjects that are near and dear to my heart. Now that I have a track record of contributing to the magazine, Steve has started to suggest additional articles for me to write (like the article on 5x7 cameras in the current issue). I look forward to contributing more articles in future issues.


Steve Hamley
15-Sep-2003, 11:41
I also enjoyed Quan-Tuan Luong's article. My only criticism is that there wasn't more of it. Nice project nicely done.



Charles Hohenstein
15-Sep-2003, 18:16
I thought that Quan-Tuan Luong's work in the current issue of _View Camera_ was fantastic. I would have liked to have seen more.

David A. Goldfarb
15-Sep-2003, 18:40
Congratulations Tuan. The issue just arrived today, and the images were well selected and well presented.

Sal Santamaura
15-Sep-2003, 18:46
Last Monday, September 8, started off with a flock of birds precision bombing my (just-cleaned) windshield so completely that it was impossible to see forward. Balance of the week followed suit.

This Monday began with *our* forum back live and a copy of View Camera's September/October issue, which the US Postal Service typically doesn't deliver until well into the first week of an issue's second month, in my mailbox. I'm looking forward to a *very* good week!

Tuan, since arriving home there's only been time to skim your portfolio, but it looks great. I wish you much more publishing success in the future.

15-Sep-2003, 23:39
Hi Tuan,

Congratulations are in order not only for your startup/contributions to this website but also to the View Camera issue. I had a quick glance at it but it was in another person's hand. It was the last copy on that particular newstand. So, I'll be out looking for an issue at another newstand tomorrow.

For all of you who wish to see more of Tuan's images...check out his fabulous images on this great website [http://www.terragalleria.com/]. It contains many, many terrific images.


floren de la rama
16-Sep-2003, 11:47
Hi Tuan,

And thanks. I've felt reticent about posting on photo.net ever since the lf forum moved from greenspun.com. Like others, I've noticed some threads become nasty, even vitriolic, in response to some old (and new) members of the lf community.

Actually, my lf photography languished a bit after the move to photo.net, as I missed the instructive remarks and friendliness of the greenspun site. I hope the feeling of camaraderie will return with this new site. And I intend to post more, and lurk less.

Good times are here again.


19-Sep-2003, 19:06
Hello Tuan,

I now have my own copy of VC...with your pics in it.

Have you ever thought about coming up to Canada for a visit... I know you'd enjoy our National Parks too.