View Full Version : using color film in studio?

4-Oct-2011, 14:34
I have tried shooting color film in a studio with hot lights and the film has a color cast. I was told I had to use tungsten film. But I have searched on Flicker and see where interior architecture shots were taken with Porta 160vc 4x5 sheets with terrific results.
How was that done?

4-Oct-2011, 15:18

if your using daylight film,
you could find out the color temperature of your light sources,
and use an appropriate tungsten to daylight color conversion filter ...

That's how we do white balance with film :-)

5-Oct-2011, 07:14
The "best" way is to use a color meter and then adj for the color temp using filters. When I am feeling very energetic I do that.

An easier but not as accurate method is to take a shot of a grey card under the same lighting then use that exposure as your base to get the grey for all of the following exposures under that light. That grey can be used as the base point for color correction when scanning or printing.