View Full Version : Fantastic !!! Back in business again, so to speak.

S Ratzlaff
15-Sep-2003, 01:16
QT who is going to moderate this forum, yourself I hope?

This is very good to see, especially since the LF forum at photo.net has basically degenerated into nothing more than personal attacks and clutter in the last 6 month or so.


S Ratzlaff
15-Sep-2003, 01:20
WOW !!!, just tried out your anti-robot feature (i.e. trying to see what pulls up as my email address)

Great work, other forums should use this example.


QT Luong
15-Sep-2003, 10:23
I'll stay on the moderation team, along with Neil, Rob, and maybe a few others.

Sal Santamaura
15-Sep-2003, 11:00
So, are Neil and Rob looking forward to attacking uncategorized threads again? Although there are "only" half as many here!

tim atherton
15-Sep-2003, 11:09
you can't post an new uncategorized message Sal... :-) You have to pick a category (of course you can still post it in the wrong place!)


Sal Santamaura
15-Sep-2003, 12:08
Tim, I was referring to the 728 uncategorized threads already in this archive. Neil and Rob should recognize them though, and probably have some idea what categories they'd put each in. As in, they've done the work before at our "Interim" site.

tim atherton
15-Sep-2003, 12:21

Rob Barker
16-Sep-2003, 03:24
I'll get to it! :-)

We've been making efforts to introduce civility to the PN forum but it's been like treading on eggshells with the freedom of speech proponents in one corner and the valued contributers slowly leaving from the other, tired of the name-calling. The atmosphere here is noticeably more relaxed and friendly - just as it was. Long may it remain so!

The fact that contributors can post uncategorised messages to photo.net forums makes moderation there more difficult - around 50% of contributions to LF are posted uncategorised, and guess who gets to do it? :-)