View Full Version : Ground Glass Line Replacement

Dietrich Floeter
3-Oct-2011, 08:50
I just cleaned a Sinar GG and found some of the factory grid in the sink. Oh no and what can I do?

I am thinking india ink and a ruling pen but is there another solution?

3-Oct-2011, 08:54
a ruling pen filled with paint. it takes trial and error to get it right. thinning the paint takes talant. I used floquil gloss black. found at hobby shops.

E. von Hoegh
3-Oct-2011, 08:58
A very fine pencil, say a .3mm drafting pencil on the ground side. Your ruling pen won't do well on the ground side of the glass, and may not work well on the smooth side either. The pencil is eraseable.

Markers down to .05(!) mm are available, too. Should work fine on the smooth side.

Gem Singer
3-Oct-2011, 09:06
Fine point black Sharpie pen on the smooth side of the glass.

Removable with isopropyl alcohol, if necessary.

Marc B.
3-Oct-2011, 09:33
I like the few lines I put on my GG, darker then pencil, but as fine or finer then a sharp drafting pencil.

I use a Sharpie, but I make a masked line with 3M, Scotch Magic brand, Removable tape, type 811.

I use two separate pieces of tape, side-by-side of the line I want, leaving a gap for the Sharpie of only a couple thousands of an inch. When the tape is removed, the lines are darker then pencil, fairly permanent, and extremely fine.
I do this on the GG side of the glass, not the smooth side.

Example link for the tape:

Dietrich Floeter
3-Oct-2011, 19:25
Thanks for the ideas. I have a Staedtler 1mm Pigment Liner ink pen that is a bit heavy relative to the old lines but it worked alright. The missing lines filled in and it will do.

I have other Sinar GGs that will be treated more gently. :)