View Full Version : Opinions about the Rodenstock 127 Ysaron?

John Kasaian
14-Sep-2003, 23:15
Hello! I just got a Rodenstock 127 Ysaron in a prontor press shutter. I am more interested in the shutter, but I'd like to know a little about this lens. Will it cover 5x7? 4x5? How does it compare with the 127 Ektar? Is there anything out of the ordinary to commend this lens? Thanks for any and all comments!

Richard Knoppow
15-Sep-2003, 00:04
I can't say much about the performance since I don't have one. However, its a Tessar. I think most of these were used on Polaroid cameras. Rodenstock also made the late Optar lenses used on Speed Graphic after they stopped using Wollensak. Based on experience with other Rodenstock lenses its probably very good.

andrea milano
15-Sep-2003, 00:17
It is a decent lens, originally meant for use on a repro-camera, the Polaroid MP3, later od Polaroid produced the MP4 and the lenses became Tominons. I've used and own these last ones , long ago I did borrow the Ysaron from a friend and used it only once. The lens is OK and it makes an ideal cheap lens , however, I seem to recall it being originally for enlarging purposes (like the Tominons), and used by Polaroid as a repro lens, so do not expect miracles.

15-Sep-2003, 01:04
As Andrea states, it was made for the MP3 reproduction cameras and it just barely covers 4x5, as it was meant for flatwork. A fair lens for the money, but certainly not a performer.

John Kasaian
15-Sep-2003, 07:25
Thank you everyone. I actually got the thing for the shutter(for a G-Claron transplant), but the glass is in such good shape I was wondering if it would be more useful to keep it intact. From the responses, I'll stick with my original plan.

James Driscoll
15-Sep-2003, 22:02
for examples of photos taken with the 127mm ysarex


and look at the cuba gallery.

Phil S
16-Sep-2003, 15:45
I can't add anything to the above comments: from my use, it covers 4X5 with little movements but is nice for color work. It sounds like you will be using the shutter for the G-Claron, would you like to sell the lens elements? My Ysaron is marked-up on the rear element and I would like to replace it.