View Full Version : Wista-type GG/Fresnel for Linhof?

2-Oct-2011, 19:38
I have a Wista RF, and it uses what I think is the brightest, clearest screen I've seen on any camera. It is used with a plain gridded glass on top.
Unfortunately, the screen is a little too wide and short to fit onto my Technikardan.
It's very reasonably priced at $160, and I'd like to hear from anyone who knows of a similar quality third-party GG/fresnel at a similar price.

Thanks in advance

Jon Shiu
2-Oct-2011, 19:52
The Tachihara fresnel/screen is very nice also. I don't know how much it cost.


3-Oct-2011, 07:45
Thanks, Jon.
It looks like the same kind of thing as the Wista's; unfortunately, I can't find a supplier since the Tach is no longer manufactured.
Anyone else know who makes this kind of product?

Jon Shiu
3-Oct-2011, 09:39
If you haven't already, you could check with Midwest Photo Exchange.


Gem Singer
3-Oct-2011, 09:56
Midwest Photo Exchange has the Tachihara 45 Fresnel listed on their website for $59. A plain, or gridded, cover glass overlay is additional.

Email: jim@mpex.com

He can ship internationally.

(Tachihara is still in business).

3-Oct-2011, 10:19
Thank you, Jon and Gem!