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Jeff Moore
14-Sep-2003, 19:36
I have six Schneider lenses for my 4x5 which have front element threads in sizes from 49mm up to 105mm. All of my round filters are 105mm. I have put together a hodgepodge collection of step-up rings that allow me to use my filters with each of my lenses. However, they are mostly generic brands of poor quality, some of which I can hardly screw into my lenses and filters. The one Schneider step-up ring that I have works beautifully.

I would like to find Schneider step-up rings in all the sizes I need. (I also hear Heliopan's rings are very good as well.) I know both Schneider and Heliopan make rings in each of the sizes that I need, but for the life of me, I cannot find them. I have tried all of my usual sources (B&H, Adorama, etc.) and have had no luck.

Does anyone out there know of any source for what I am looking for? Special order waiting times are not a problem. Thanks.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
14-Sep-2003, 19:40
Try 2filter.com, they claim they can special order any size of Schneider.

Michael A.Smith
14-Sep-2003, 19:42
Harrison and Harrison have, or will make, step-up rings, I believe.


David A. Goldfarb
14-Sep-2003, 19:48
I wouldn't be surprised, if SK Grimes might not be faster than special ordering from Heliopan, and the price may be comparable.

Bill Laidley
14-Sep-2003, 21:56
I'll also recommend The Filter Connection (aka 2filter.com). I've bought step-up rings from them several times and the service has always been great. They carry several brands and carry a wide range of stock sizes. Some sizes have to come from the manufacturer - but even there the turnaround was good.

Thilo Schmid
14-Sep-2003, 23:54
Jeff, go for Heliopan. They always use solid brass which is better screwabel at any temperature. The other Manufacturers (including B&W / Schneider) have different quality levels and make as well rings of sticky aluminum.

Jeff Moore
14-Sep-2003, 23:59
Thanks, Bill and Thilo. I went to "The Filter Connection" and found Heliopan rings in just the sizes I need. The only down side is that the estimated delivery is 12-16 weeks out. Ouch! Oh well, I've been tolerating the junky rings I am now using for a couple of years now, so I guess a few more months won't kill me. Thanks again.

Martin Reekie
15-Sep-2003, 00:42
I've purchased a couple of step rings from Teamwork in the UK. They are Heliopan Adapter Rings, good quality product. Jeff, details at http://www.teamworkphoto.co.uk/heliopan.html (you need to get down the page a bit to get to the step rings). They might be able to deliver in less than 16 weeks. My stuff they had in stock.

Bob Salomon
15-Sep-2003, 03:11
"estimated delivery is 12-16 weeks out"

No, if we do not have rings in stock in NJ delivery would be about 4 weeks from the date of the dealer's order.

George Hart
15-Sep-2003, 03:24
Another source is SRB at http://www.srbfilm.co.uk/index1.html.

Emmanuel BIGLER
15-Sep-2003, 03:27
In Europe another address : SRB fim service, UK specialist of adaptors all kinds. http://www.srbfilm.co.uk/adaptors.htm

SRB film service have an interesting policy for special threaded rings. I ordereded an adaptor ring from M39x26TPI Leica to M40 to mount an enlarging lens on a #1 shutter. SRB made an offer where I would get an affordable price if I accepted to wait until they had some free time to to the special part, i.e. without a fixed delivery date. This was actually fine for me since I know the cost of labor for specially machining odd parts one by one to satisfy some eccentric customers ;-);-)

Jeffrey Scott
16-Sep-2003, 05:59
A number of years ago a friend had Century Precision Optics in Los Angeles make him a set of rings to go from various sizes to Series 9, you may want to try them.

Arne Croell
16-Sep-2003, 08:06
A German source that might be faster and ships internationally is Christoph Greiner. Contact information at his web site: www.greiner-photo.de (http://www.greiner-photo.de/)
(No, I am not affiliated with him - just a satisfied customer)

Bob Salomon
16-Sep-2003, 08:19
I am not sure why you are having a problem finding Heliopan step-up rings to 105mm. Currently we have in stock the Heliopan 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 and 106 rings. These are 105 to95, 86, 82, 77, 72 and 67mm. The only 105 ring that is special order is the #100 which is 105 to 100mm.

For lenses with diameters smaller then 67mm you have two choices: first you can use two rings. One from the size of your lens to any of the sizes above and combine that with one of the above rings. Or you can have a special ring made from any size smaller then 67mm to 105mm. However Heliopan makes brass adapter rings and the weight of a ring smaller then 67mm to 105 may be too heavy for you.

Heliopan is available from any dealer listed on our web page, www.hpmarketingcorp.com. If the salesman tells you it is not available that means it is not listed on their computer. Not that it isn't in stock at the distributor. Simply tell them to check with the buyer or our price list.