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tim atherton
14-Sep-2003, 18:54
Seeing as I jumped the gun (this was orignally the first post...)

So, here goes again - does anyone know anythign about LF scanning panoramic cameras - i.e. ones where the lens rotates, rather than the picture just being a slice out of a bigger piece of film as it were. Are there any LF ones, or are you limited to something liek the Noblex 120?

David A. Goldfarb
14-Sep-2003, 19:40
I jumped the gun as well, so here's my response again.

The camera you're looking for is the Cirkut camera. The camera is on a rotating mount that turns the whole camera as the film travels past the lens. There is no film made for it anymore, but users have been cutting down 9-1/2" aerial film for them. If you search for "cirkut" you should find a few threads on it here. I started one a while back on Verichrome Pan and the Cirkut, so if you click on my name, it should be in the list. Verichrome Pan was the last film sold in the Cirkut format.

14-Sep-2003, 22:05
The next best thing is the Seitz 220 VR Roundshot...wonderful camera, 220 film, but if you shoot an upper and lower, you can stitch them together to acheive almost 4" in height...

15-Sep-2003, 06:51
tim -

you might want to check out tom yanul's website. he makes "swing" panoramic cameras, or at least he used to ...


good luck


Scott Walton
15-Sep-2003, 09:42
Tim, We have one and it works fine... unless you want or need to use flash. We have since gotten a Fuji GX617 because we need the use of flash sometimes...

Michael Chmilar
15-Sep-2003, 17:01
In the digital realm:

Spheron (http://www.spheron.com/)

Panoptic (http://www.panopticvision.com/)

One of these companies (can't remember which) had a booth at Siggraph (2001, I think). The images displayed were quite impressive.

Neither is terribly cheap.