QT Luong
14-Sep-2003, 18:21

This is the long-awaited continuation of the Large Format Forum that ran
on greenspun.com until the summer of 2002. It inherits the database of more
than 60000 posts, although they are not yet searchable by Google. The software
is much improved.

Unlike other sites, largeformatphotography.info is exclusively dedicated to
the needs of the large format community. The site is 100% non-commercial, and
ran by volunteers.

Since photo.net currently hosts a Large Format photography forum, you might
wonder why we (re)launched this one.
To learn more about the history of this site,
please check my perspective about
the move of the LF Forum to photo.net (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lf-photonet.html). To see why I support this forum
rather than photo.net, please check the arguments put forward in

Why move to largeformatphotography.info (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfphotoinfo.html). I trust you will understand why
many have waited for this forum to launch. Thanks to Bjorn and Tom for making that

David A. Goldfarb
14-Sep-2003, 18:30
Congratulations and many thanks to Tuan, Bjorn, Tom and the others who persevered to get the forum back up and running. It's good to be back home.

Ralph Barker
14-Sep-2003, 18:42
Congratulations (and, thanks) to all on the re-launch.

David R Munson
14-Sep-2003, 18:50
I'm so happy it's back! Things just haven'ts eemed right since the move to photo.net. This is the forum that got me going in LF when I was 15 and I'm glad to see it back now. Rock on.

Sal Santamaura
14-Sep-2003, 18:59
Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard making this possible. I look forward to an imminent reunion of our community and elevation of LF dialog to its LUSENET level.

Not to appear greedy, but I hope that moderation here will ensure off-topic threads/postings are met with expedited delete action, and that all of us refrain from responding to, thereby encouraging, postings where the author has clearly failed to search the archives. Let's make this an appropriate companion resource to the static pages.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Scott Atkinson
14-Sep-2003, 19:28
Thank you!

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
14-Sep-2003, 19:42
and to think I had just given up on the stupidities of photo.net...

Randall Cherry
14-Sep-2003, 19:49
As a frequent reader and occasional poster to the forum while it was on Photo.net, I am looking forward to continuing to enjoy this forum at its new site.

Randall In Fairfax

Gem Singer
14-Sep-2003, 19:56
This is like a breath of fresh air. I haven't posted on photo.net for many months, although I have been reading the postings, sometimes sending personal e-mails. Offering my advice and experience on that forum seemed like an exercise in futility. I'm sure this will be an improvement. Thank you Tuan. You are a true friend to the LF community.

Todd Caudle
14-Sep-2003, 20:04
Kerry Thalmann, you can come home now.

Jim Billlups
14-Sep-2003, 20:32
This was such a surprise. I am so grateful that photo.net is out of the picture. It's great to be back home!

Ellis Vener
14-Sep-2003, 20:42
Congratulations on your hard work at getting this forum back yup & running on it's own. I admitthat iwas skeptical when ,when this was first announced, and even thought that it would be a good idea to stick with p.n but am glad to see the move has finally taken place.

Jorge Gasteazoro
14-Sep-2003, 20:55
Awsome news.....congratulations, is good to be back home...

Michael Kadillak
14-Sep-2003, 20:55
This is to good to be true. A sincere thanks for all of the hard work necessary to make this happen by all of those involved. Just like old times.........


John Bailey
14-Sep-2003, 21:03
I look forward to many interesting threads and lots of useful advice! Thank you for all your hard work and effort to accomplish this!

Tuan, now you can get back to photographing national parks and getting your images published.


John Bailey

Guy Tal
14-Sep-2003, 21:18
Great to see some familiar names. Looking forward to some good discussion!


14-Sep-2003, 21:22
>Oh yeah, one more thing. Yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I second that! Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


14-Sep-2003, 21:40
I have been waiting for this for a very long time! Congrats and many thanks - I have learned more from the core members here in the last several years than I could have learned anywhere in that time. I'm JACK'D !!

Paul Schilliger
14-Sep-2003, 21:48
Nice to have this old home to come to! Thanks Tuan!

David G. Gagnon
14-Sep-2003, 22:03
I'm not sure what this forum used to be like, as I only knew photo.net, but by everyone's enthusiasm, I'm glad that this has happened, too. Thanks to Tuan for all his efforts.


Matt Long
14-Sep-2003, 22:15
It's nice to see some familiar faces again ;-) Thanks to Tuan, Bjorn, Tom and others whose perseverance has brought this forum back. Welcome home, everyone!

Paul Chaplo
14-Sep-2003, 22:38
Thanks! This is a better neighborhood ;-) and continues to be a great resource to LF shooters everywhere. My gratitude to Quang-Tuan Luong and the rest of the team who helped make it happen. See you in the Forum!

14-Sep-2003, 23:01
Kudos to all of you who have dedicated the time and effort to getting the site up and running again.

A very special thanks to Tuan and Bjorn for their kind assistance when I first got involved in Large Format Photography. It's folks like you who make large format photography so much fun.

Cheers and good luck in your endeavors.

Fred Leif
14-Sep-2003, 23:05

May civility in discourse resume !


14-Sep-2003, 23:38
Thanks to all who put in the effort to bring this forum back to life. I anticipate it being just as informative as it was before the unfortunate migration to Photo.net.

Tuan, I noticed on the www.viewcamera.com web site that you will be in the next issue. Looking forward to it.

Rob Barker
15-Sep-2003, 00:26
Congratulations Tuan - and jolly well done to Bjorn for his hard work too!

andrea milano
15-Sep-2003, 00:29
Is great to be back on this community, the one where I really felt at home. All the best wishes and than you very much!

Kerry L. Thalmann
15-Sep-2003, 00:48
Todd Caudle wrote:

Kerry Thalmann, you can come home now.


I'm back, I'm rested and I'm ready. Let the discussions begin.

Tuan, Bjorn and Tom,

I am grateful beyond words for your efforts to get bring the large format forum back home where it belongs. I followed the discussions while the forum was on photo.net, but chose to not actively participate. Now that we once again have a non-profit, non-commercial forum not only will I participate, I will do so with enthusiasm. I hope and believe others will as well.

Yours in gratitude and friendship,

Arne Croell
15-Sep-2003, 00:53
Tuan, Björn, Tom: thank you so much for bringing the forum back! Its wonderful to be home. Hurrah!

Huw Evans
15-Sep-2003, 01:27
Yes, a very big 'thank-you' from me too to those who have made this possible. LF photography just hasn't been the same these last months.

Doremus Scudder
15-Sep-2003, 01:49
My thanks to Tuan, Bjorn and Tom for this more-than-welcome resurection. Although I participate marginally in many forums, this formum's predecessor was not only the best, but the only one where I really felt a sense of belonging and community that was based on excellence, mutual respect and expertise.

I sincerely hope that the former atmosphere and quality of content can be rescusitated together with this new forum.

I'm really happy this forum is back up and running. "Yippppeeeeee" is too weak an expression....

Best of luck and thanks again

Graeme Hird
15-Sep-2003, 03:08
Ditto all of the above.

15-Sep-2003, 03:36
Yeahhh! I was in several withdrawal from leaving PN, when I found that this forum was back on line. Thanks Tuan and the rest. It's nice to again have a place to feel at home.

Jean-Louis Llech
15-Sep-2003, 04:10
Congratulations, Tuan, and thanks for all efforts of the team to bring my favourite US LF forum back to life.

When I began LF photography, 6 years ago, I had nothing but questions. I found all answers here, and I'll never forget that.

So, it's fine to be back...
Thanks again

PS : I'll wait for VC next issue.

Peter Hamilton
15-Sep-2003, 05:10
Good to see the LF forum back in a more user-friendly form. Congratulations, Tuan, and keep up the good work. LF seems to be under some threat at the moment, though personally I am convinced that it can only get more influential as the advantages of film and silver-based papers for making collectable and long-lasting prints become more evident. Peter

Ron Mc
15-Sep-2003, 05:13

I've missed the old forum every since it went away. The one on Photo.Net never felt like home.

Ron McElroy

Joel Pinson
15-Sep-2003, 05:17
Kudos to you Tuan for bringback the forum to a place it should never have left. All your friends from the French "Galerie Photo" forum can only aplaud !!

15-Sep-2003, 05:22
Who says you can't go home again!

lee nadel
15-Sep-2003, 05:37
thanks glad your back .

Clive Warren
15-Sep-2003, 06:31
Congratulations on the relaunch Tuan.

All the best,

Clive Warren
f32 Large Format Photography Community of Practice (http://www.f32.net)

edward kang
15-Sep-2003, 06:47
Great! This was a total surprise, but a pleasant one at that.


Edward Kang

jon fritsch
15-Sep-2003, 07:19
I have just deleted the bookmark to the old photonet LF forum. Thanks for your efforts!!!


Dan Kowalsky
15-Sep-2003, 08:30
Thanks Tuan, for notifying me of the return of the original LF site.

David Karp
15-Sep-2003, 08:37
Thanks to all.

Ed Candland
15-Sep-2003, 08:59
Congrats!!! It really looks wonderful and it's so fast. Great Job!!!

Doug Meek
15-Sep-2003, 09:05
Thanks so much for all of your efforts Tuan. This is wonderful news and I'm thrilled to have the old forum back. The efforts of everyone involved are greatly appreciated.

15-Sep-2003, 09:12
I'm looking forward to once again participating in "our own" forum. Thanks, Tuan, and congrats on your article in "View Camera" as well!

Regards, Danny www.dannyburk.com

Stephen Weaver
15-Sep-2003, 09:55
Excellent! It will be good to hear from Kerry!

David Mark
15-Sep-2003, 12:46
Terrific news! Thanks, Tuan & Co.

Ben Calwell
15-Sep-2003, 13:13
Glad we're all back where we belong. Eugene, I'm also glad that you're back -- I've missed reading your responses.

Mark Muse
15-Sep-2003, 14:52
I am not familiar with the original but due to the overwelming positive response I think I'll stick around! Congrats and thank you!

henri peyre
15-Sep-2003, 14:56
Longue vie au forum ! Henri Peyre www.galerie-photo.com

Jeffrey Scott
15-Sep-2003, 17:40
I just found out that we are back! Congratulations.

David Hedley
15-Sep-2003, 18:14
Great! Thank you, Tuan.

David (aka fw)

David Richhart
15-Sep-2003, 18:36
Welcome back Tuan... Hopefully this will remain a large format forum, unlike what happened when the old forum moved to photo.net.

When will I be able to purchase a t-shirt to support the effort???

David A. Goldfarb
15-Sep-2003, 18:42
T-shirt? You mean "darkcloth," of course.

Bruce Pollock
15-Sep-2003, 19:28
With a web full of information to choose from, this is one of the few sites that I follow every day. I want to thank you for all your efforts at keeping the LF community intact and independent. Good work!

Kaatharine Thayer
15-Sep-2003, 21:24
I jumped off when the forum moved to Photo.net and was afraid it would never be reconstituted, so glad to hear it's back in business. Thanks to all who made it possible.

Dave Henry
15-Sep-2003, 23:14
Who says "You can never go home again?"

Struan Gray
16-Sep-2003, 03:06
I don't dislike photo.net as much as some here, and I don't suppose I have the strength of will to abandon it completely, but it's nice to see this project bear fruit. Thanks to all those whose hard work has made it possible.

QT Luong
16-Sep-2003, 11:37
Hi Struan, because these days there are so many forums on photo.net, I haven't found it a problem to participate actively there while refraining from participating in their LF forum. I have nothing against photo.net, I just feel that the LF forum shouldn't be there.

James Phillips
16-Sep-2003, 18:05
Gee ... a guy take's a week of holidays and misses the big reunion night!

Glad to have the LF forum back. Thanks Tom,Tuan and Bjorn.

As Bob Villa would say "It's good to be home again"

Kind Regards,

Alex Hawley
16-Sep-2003, 18:11
About the time I decided to make the LF move is when this forum jumped over to photo.net, so I wasn't here in the "old days". See a lot of now-familiar names though. Glad you able to get this going again.