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1-Oct-2011, 16:08
Hi all,

Can anyone provide a list of labs (West/ Southwest primarily) that still process 4x5 C-41? Thanks for the help!

13-Oct-2011, 19:09
Icon LA (Los Angeles):


I use them for 4x5 E-6 and they're great!

West of La Brea several blocks on Wilshire.

Daniel Stone
13-Oct-2011, 19:39
Samy's in Santa Barbara does it for $1.50/sheet. Souped in a Refrema dip n' dunk in Fuji chems. Always clean, and very affordable :)!

They take mail-order(its how I send to them).

Unfortunately, they don't have a website anymore, but give them a call, they're open M-Sat 9am-5pm IIRC

(805) 963-7269

PM me your e-mail address and I can send you their .pdf C-41 and E-6 order forms.



John Rodriguez
13-Oct-2011, 20:21
Lightwaves Imaging - San Francisco, CA
Dickerman Prints - San Francisco, CA
Oscar's - San Francisco, CA
Action Photo - Concord, CA

13-Oct-2011, 20:43
Borge Andersen Photo - Digital
234 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

2992 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84115

Nichols Photo Lab
3265 South 1100 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

850 S. Richards Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

14-Oct-2011, 10:15
Thanks to all!

In my search I found:

Photographic Works Lab in Tucson, AZ. They'll do up to 11x14 C-41!

Tim Povlick
14-Oct-2011, 12:13
Thanks to all!

In my search I found:

Photographic Works Lab in Tucson, AZ. They'll do up to 11x14 C-41!

Great find Francesco. Can you let us know how they work out?

Nice site BTW. Like the B&W images especially #1! I see the Polaroid section is "under construction". Good luck with that. :-) Miss 55 although I have 3 boxes safely stashed.

Thanks &
Best Regards,


14-Oct-2011, 12:40

Will do. I work at a camera store in Phoenix and we're looking for a lab that we can send work to foer customers so thats why I was looking. I have a friend who just sent work to Photographic Works Lab so he'll give me a review on the service.

Thanks for the compliment on the site. The whole gallery section is under heavy construction. I haven't updated it in a very long time. I think there are only 3 images up there at the moment and they don't really refelct my current work at all haha. I was just given an Epson V750 Pro scanner so I'll be updating the site with new images soon.

Uri A
17-Oct-2011, 03:00
Francesco I love your site!!

Happy shooting :)